Peek A Boo Slot Canyon in 360 Degrees

Peek A Boo Slot Canyon - Escalante Utah
Peek A Boo Slot Canyon - Escalante Utah


  • 4.4 Mile Round Trip if paired with Spooky.  Otherwise Shorter.
  • 5.75 Hours from SLC, 2 Hours from Bryce Canyon.  To get here it  has a long wash board section. You Might want to check with Park service before heading in.  First time it was rough even with a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  Second time it would have been fine in a car, but the hour long section of wash boards is always brutal.
  • Heavily Trafficked.  Might want to get their early.  Most people go in Peek A Boo and out Spooky.  It makes it really rough if you go the opposite direction for the trail is often only 18 inches wide.
  • Moderate Hike (just because of Entrance)- Probably Level 3
  • Suitable for Ages 6 and above. 

360 Google Earth Trail in Peek A Boo Slot -

 It is Getting Narrow!

I believe Escalante has some of the greatest adventure hikes out there, BUT I have had enough scary experiences in Escalante that I would STRONGLY advise that if you want to have the adventures here you NEED 4 things. 1. GAIA app or a similar app with the downloaded map on your phone with a spare battery or a Garmin GPS. 2. An external GPS for your phone (I have a global SAT and a for only $40, and a Garmin for $100.  Both are great.). 3. Water shoes in your backpack. 4. A paper map as a backup. ( I also always drop a pin at my car also.).

This is what it looks like at in front of the Peek A Boo.  

The first time I went, I went solo.  I didn't want to do anything that was too risky, but I had done my homework, and I knew that at the beginning of the hike there was a steep climb up a 14 foot wall.  I did enough research to know that if I could safely get up that without having any stress that I could do at least Peek A Boo canyon.  I got to the canyon, and even though it looked daunting, I gave it a shot.  I surprised myself by making it up it without any problems. What I didn't realize is that there is this short lip up after that big climb.  

14 Foot Wall Entrance into Peek A Boo Slot Canyon.

14 foot Wall Entrance to Peek A Boo Slot Canyon

So as silly as it sounds, I got up the 14 foot wall, and I got stuck on the next 2-3 foot lip.  This would be no problem with a buddy, but it stumped me, for I am not a good jumper and I could see myself trying to jump up and falling backwards and knocking myself out, and surprisingly being the only one around I didn't want to brave it.  There was no hand hold or foot holds to grab.  I tried for a good 20 minutes before giving up.  I should have used my rope and stepped on my backpack, and then lifted it up, but I am not that clever in the moment.  :)

360 Degree View of the 14 foot spot that was actually not that bad to conquer, but the spot ahead of me is where I got stuck. 

Rotate it 90 degrees right to see entrance of the silly spot that tricked me, and left 90 degrees to see down the 14 foot wall. 

So a month later, I headed back again with my husband in tow so I could conquer this silly thing.  

Secret Trick to get past the 14 foot Entrance at Peek A Boo Slot Canyon

When we got there the parking lot was packed.  We took advantage of all the hikers we passed to ask them questions.  They reported that there was a nice deep pond in front of the 14 foot wall, and it was really making it a challenge to get up the first part.    As we talked to more people we discovered a trick. He told us we could avoid this part if we just following the outside left side of Peek A Boo Wall up and enter in the middle of Peek A Boo.  When we saw the line to get in, we were super grateful for the tip.  Just around the left side of the entrance we started heading and we found Cairns directing the way pretty fast.  The first set of Cairns took us to a spot that looked too steep for me.  We kept going and found a better spot to get down into the slot just a little further up.  

Todd in the slot close to the spot we dropped down into where they slot walls were short and there was an easy descend. 

Peek A Boo Slot Canyon Close By Second Entrance into Slot Canyon
Peek A Boo Slot Canyon Close By Second Entrance into Slot Canyon

360 Degree View of Spot Where we Dropped Down into Peek A Boo Slot Canyon

Video of Peek a Boo Slot Canyon done by Paul Pearson and his cute son.   This video is great at showing some of the coolest sections of Peek A Boo Slot Canyon.


Escalante is still a work in progress in developing roads and making trails really clear, so you expect a little bumps.  To get to this hike you have to travel down Hole in the Rock Road (which is 26 miles south of Escalante of Highway 12.)  You travel down Hole in the Rock for 26 miles down a washboard dirt road to the Dry Fork Road that heads Northeast into the dessert.  This Dry Fork Road branches again very soon and you need to stay left.  The road here gets much worse.  On the last part of this road there is a lip that makes it tricky to not bottom out and ruin your car even in a 4x4 vehicle. I wish they would fix it. (I went back and it was fixed! At least until the next rain storm.)   The parking lot is just a cleared spot in the middle of the dessert with a sign that let's you know you have reached the correct spot.

You start the trail at a big sign that say TRAIL and you are following Cairns down a hill.
The last part you walk along a steep Rock wall and then Dry Canyon will be on your left.  There are actually 4 amazing slot canyons here.  Dry Canyon is not as dare devilish and you can hike it if you are wider than 18 inches.  It has steep walls and is narrow, but not narrow like the others.  I have info on the other 3 slot canyons below.
    Peek a Boo has an entrance that is really steep climb 12-15 feet but has good hand holds, and then once you get past that there is a other spot that is not as steep, but needs a buddy to boost each other to get up.  I found a trick to make this canyon easier, and you can read about it on my blog post about Peek A Boo Slot Canyon.  Most people hike Peek a Boo then turn right and walk about 10 minutes to the entrance to Spooky Gulch, then drop down into Spooky Gulch.  Those who go the other way cause problems for you are trying to get through a narrow 18 inch canyon and passing is not easy.  Peek a Boo is narrower than Dry Canyon but not as narrow as Spooky Gulch.

360 Google Earth Trail Peek A Boo Slot Canyon - Watch the Todd!

Notice how much the Slot Canyon is Changing from these two 360 Trails.  Peek A Boo is remarkable in how much each section is constantly changing  in the Slot Canyon.

Peek A Boo Slot Canyon - Escalante Utah
Peek A Boo Slot Canyon - Escalante Utah

360 Google Earth Street View Trails Peek A Boo Slot Canyon

If you would like to see my favorite hikes in Escalante, here is a GoogleList with all my Escalante Favorites on a map.

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One of my favorite slot canyons. A definite family favorite.  Great for all ages.



This slot is short unless you are willing to wiggle through by pressing your back against one wall and your feet against the other.  If you are willing to do that, then this canyon goes pretty far.  Even if you are not, the walk into Zebra has some of that amazing Wave like formations that it is a stunning hike just for that.



Tunnel is one of those canyons that if you can manage to find it, then it is amazing, but finding it is the trick part.  It definitely makes for a super fun adventure for it is not well marked, but if you have the right gear it is definitely doable.  We went before it had really warmed up, so the water in the tunnel was cold, but it definitely is a very cool adventure exploring that amazing slot canyon and then having to walk through that tunnel to get out. 



Super Cool and Kid Friendly Slot Canyon.  Great for all ages.  Only draw back is that it can get busy.


This canyon is incredible, but not for those wanting to keep their feet dry.  It will not happen unless you have waterproof socks.  An epic adventure you must try when the water is warm enough to not get too cold of feet.  Not for tiny little ones, but probably 8 and up could handle this.



If you are thinking about doing Peek A Boo, you should also consider Dry Fork.  It is right in this same area, and you actually walk right by it to do Peek A Boo.   The walls are taller than in Peek A Boo, and it never gets as narrow as Peek A Boo so it feels totally different.  I still really enjoyed it and thought it totally worth my time.  


DING & DANG SLOT CANYON - San Rafael Swell

Ding and Dang is not to be attempted unless you are a Level 4 Hiker, and you are not freaked out with heights.  If you are a very capable hiker with a support group to hike this with you, this is an amazing adventure, but don't be mislead, this is a tough hike.  


CRACK CANYON - San Rafael Swell
A definite favorite of my.  This slot canyon has enormous walls, really unique formations in the walls, and it is just a fabulous adventure.  

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