360 Adventure Amazing Crobsy Creek Road to Lake Powell


While in Southern Utah hiking the WahWeep HooDoos Todd decided to explore and see if he could find a road to a beach  on Lake Powell.  We found this awesome road called Crosby Creek Road.   It was such a scenic beautiful drive.  I had to get out and walk and explore side slot canyons for a while because it was just stunning.  This is am amazing 4 Wheeling place to come explore.  Check it out. 

I saw this cool Slot Canyon off to my Left, and had to take a minute to explore it.  It was great little slot canyon with beautiful tan and black walls.  Todd was jealous when we drove back through and had to go check it out himself.

Todd was trying to follow a ways behind but keep his eye on me since I disappeared down that slot canyon while he was flying his drone.  I had a herd of cows in front of me that were hilarious to watch. I think I started walking a little slower here because I hear this really loud cow sound and I was worried it might be a bull around the bend since there was so many baby calves.  Being afraid of a bull seems silly, but my sons wife's mother got killed by a bull a few years in Missouri.  Crazy.

You can see Lake Powell!

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