Kayaking Quail Creek Reservoir in 360 Degrees

Kayaking on Quail Creek Reservoir

Kayaking Quail Creek Reservoir im 360 Degrees

While down at Sand Hallow we decided to check out Quail Creek State Park.  I think I like it as much as Sand Hallow.   The lake has better fishing, it has a fun little inlet on the North side that has some rope swings that you can swing out and splash in the water.   The campgrounds are not as boring as the ones at Sand Hallow.  They have fun rocks and cool steps up to tables.  The tables have sun shelters and there are unique features around campground that make it fun.  Drawback are that the showers are outside the bathroom, they are pay showers, and they are a little bit of a walk from the campground.  If you could jump on an ATV and drive to the bathroom it wouldn't be such a big deal, but ATV's are prohibited in the campground. Across the street from the campground is the most amazing mountain bike trail system. They have cool bridges and have both blue and black diamond trails.  We meet a family from Canada that had traveled all the way down here because of how awesome this trail is, and they thought it was awesome.

We had a bit of an adventure here at Quail Creek.  Todd had his Kayak loaded up with a 2 motors, and gear.  I think it added at least 75 lbs on his Kayak (He was way over weight for his Kayak.)  We had been out of the lake for 2 plus hours and not had any problems, but on the return trip the wind kicked up, and the waves kicked up, and Todd's amazing kayak started taking on water.  Her turned around and yelled I am going down.  Darn my husband wanting to be Tim the Toolman Taylor and going for more power.  I paddled as hard as I could and he started offloading the heavy gear onto my Kayak.  So now I have a lap full of heavy gear, and a husband talking about how cold he is getting freaking me out, and encouraging me to paddle harder.  I am going absolutely nowhere, but he assures me that we are moving forward slowing.  I holler for help, but no answers to my pleas.  Anyway, we got in, and Todd quickly got changed and into warm clothes.  We went back to see if we could find any sign of the Kayak and it appeared to have gone down.  We went back the next day and still no sign. So Todd arranges a scuba Diving gear and is hopeful to go drag it off the bottom.  Then late that night we get a call that the Kayak has been found and pulled in.  HALLELUJAH!!!  After souring the shore we also find the last few pieces we needed.  Anyway, Todd laughs about the adventure.  I just shake my head and promise myself I am keeping him close to shore from here on out when he has extra gear! :)

Here is the link to the Quail Creek State Park  website
.  https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/quail-creek/


Awesome Inlet to Rope Swings
We spent hours down this little inlet where there is a rope swing. Nicole and her friends had a blast swinging from it and then splashing in the water.   It was so entertaining to watch.  LOVED IT!
Here is video of the girls doing the rope swing in the Inlet.

Quail Creek is know far and wide for its faboulous Mountain Biking Trails.  They have both Blue and Black Diamond Trails here to make for a wickedly fun ride.  Check out this video if you are interested in the trails.  Here is a link to the trails. https://www.mtbproject.com/directory/8010570/quail-creek-state-park

Here is another good link to Mountain Biking here.

If you like this area and want to see more, click on the Google Earth link to 
Then click on the little dude in the bottom, and then click on any blue dot or line where you want to see more.
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