360 Adventure Rock Canyon Provo and Rock Canyon Cave

Rock Canyon Cave Provo, Utah

360 Adventure Rock Canyon Provo and Rock Canyon Cave

I have wanted to hike Rock Canyon for years, so it was so fun to finally make it happen.  Rock Canyon is not about a beautiful river, or waterfall, it is about amazing rock formations and cliffs.  It is commonly used by climbers to traverse up these rugged mountains.  Utah is cool for climbers, for there is a coalition that has mapped out great places to climb, and then they send someone around each year to make sure all the rings to hook onto are safe and strong.  There are multiple spots on the map in this canyon that vary in difficulty.  This canyon is also well loves by those who love caves.  It has at least 3 caves on this trail and they are all open to the public to brave going in if you are gutsy and prepared enough.  The third one that is marked on google maps is probably the best.  It goes back 30-40 meters and descends 12 meters.  There is not any spot on in the cave where you have to get on your belly, it is just scrunched down walking.  Of course, like any cave, make sure you have an amazing head lamp and backup light, and buddy before going in.
The trail is gorgeous along the way.  There is nothing really amazing about the end of the trail.  The river bed is usually dry for about a mile up, but then it gets prettier for the water is not piped in and there is the sound of running water along the way.  There are 5 bridges you cross over on the way up, and a couple of off shoot trails that lead to various climbing spots or caves.  Most important thing to know about this canyon is to constantly look up.  The amazing mountains are what you are there for and watching cool climbers work their way up.  Don't miss it by going fast and looking at your feet. :)

Here is a Video of Me Finding the Cool Cave! 

(Just click on the below box and the video will come up.)

And Here is When I Managed to Find the Trail to get to the Cave.

Video above is of the Cave up Rock Canyon in Provo Utah and below is a 360 walk around cave area.

360 Google Earth Street View Trail of Rock Canyon Cave

Please don't head in a cave if you don't have plenty of light, and back up lights.  This is a headlamp I would recommend buying to be safe going into a cave.

A headlamp in the backpack is always an important thing.  Sometimes hiking in the dark is planned and it is so enjoyable to hike down a trail and see the city lights below or a gorgeous sunset. Sometimes though the hike just took longer than expected and it is crucial to have.  Sometimes you might just be lucky and run across a lava tube or a cave and that is also a blessing to have a nice bright headlamp that will do a great job.  This headlamp has been amazing.  They are super bright, and just plug into the wall to charge (just don't leave it too long plugged in.

Video below is the awesome cliffs in rock canyon that draws so many rope climbers into this canyon.

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360 Google Earth Street View Trail to First Bridge on Rock Canyon Trail

Below is another video showing the great cliffs in rock canyon. 

A 360 degree walk along the trail.

Below is another video of the great cliffs in the canyon.

More 360 walk along the trail.

Video of me finding the cave and a guy coming out telling me about the cave. 

More 360 walk up the trail.  Check out the gorgeous mountain on the left.

Below is another 360 walk across another of the Bridges. Between the third and the fourth bridge you want to watch for the cave, and the trail back to the cave is after the fourth bridge.


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