Sand Hollow Reservoir Utah in 360 Degrees


Sand Hollow Hurricane Utah  North West Shore

Sand Hollow Reservoir (Kayaking and Hiking) 

Utah in 360 Degrees

This week (April)  we chased the sun down to Sand Hollow Reservoir.  It was perfect temperatures down there in the 70's.  Two of my favorite things to do at Sand Hollow are to Walk along the rocks on North side on the lake, and to Kayak around the Island exploring the little inlets, and then hike to the top of the island for a scenic view.
Below is my walk around the rocks and the waterfall on the North Side of the Lake.

Sand Hollow Hurricane Utah ShaunasAdventures
Cool Rock Structure here on these rocks.

 Video of Beautiful Views from North side.  Just click below for the video to come up.

Sand Hollow Hurricane Utah 
I love the lime green color on the rock below, and these tiny cove is fun.  Teenagers love to hang out on these rocks and lay out in the sun visiting and cliff jumping.

My hubby also amazes me at how he can take something as simple as fishing and make it exciting. He not only has figured out how to catch some pretty good size fish this year, but he has figured out how to put 2 motors on a kayak with foot peddles to steer so that he can maneuver around the lake and just worry about getting those fish.   Here is a picture of 2 beautiful Bass fish he caught.
One of the fish Todd caught.  A delightful small mouth bass.  It was a white fish with an extremely mild flavor. I thought it was tasty. Interestingly enough, because Sand Hallow is a Shallow lake, Trout don't end up surviving in this lake.  It is too hot, and they can't go to lower levels to find relief from the heat, that is why this lake has mostly Bass in it.
Bass Fish Caught at Sand Hallow Hurricane Utah

If you are in the mood to fish and are in the Hurricane Utah, you might also want to check out Quail Creek Reservoir.  QUAIL  CREEK even though it is only about a 15 minute drive, it is cooler enough that they can put put trout in the lake. 

Sand  Hollow Hurricane Utah 

I made it to the Island.  Now I am going to paddle around the island. :)  Watch for a good place to dock and climb up on the island.

One amazing characteristic about Sand Hollow is the clarity of the water.  You can see quite far down into the water.  It has a gorgeous color contrasting the beautiful red sand and rock.  The island in the center is so unique and delightful to kayak around, and go into the little coves and check out what wild life are hiding inside.  If you can find a nice spot to park your kayak it is a delightful hike up to the top.
Below is a view from up on top of the Island.

The funny thing about Sand Hollow for me, is that years ago Todd and I decided to try out ATV'ing when it was the new thing. We rented and took an ATV class and he took us here and we drove around the area where Sand Hollow now is, but before the Reservoir was there.  I rememeber stoping by and area and hiking around on the rocks that I think is now Sand Hallow, and ending up at the dunes and learning to do the U turn on the sand dune slope. Like below.  It is interesting remembering it before and seeing it after.  Sand Hallow is an amazing spot to ATV, with lots of trails going fun places to explore for ATVer's.

If you want to see more of this awesome Southern Utah Playground, Click on the Google Earth Link below

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