Tibble Fork Reservoir American Fork Canyon in 360 Degrees

Tibble Fork Reservoir American Fork Canyon Utah

Tibble Fork Reservoir

 American Fork Canyon in 360 Degrees

  • Loop around lake is about 1 mile, but it is a little sketchy on the South East corner. The official hike goes far south up into the mountains and makes a 5-6 mile loop.
  • Moderate Hike - Level 2-3 (Only if you try and brave that South East corner.  It you turn around when it gets hard, it is an easy hike.
  • About 30 feet elevation gain.
  • Appropriate for ALL ages if you don't do the SE corner, otherwise 11 and up.
  • Takes less than an hour to make the loop
  • About 1 hour South of SLC

Today I found my beautiful walk at Tibble Fork.  It was a perfect place for some wonderful time out enjoying the beautiful world.  The water had a gorgeous dark turquoise color.  The surrounding mountains weer topped with snow making the contrast between the bright blue of the sky and the white of the mountain tips stunning.  The lake has 2 trails around it.  The first trail that is on AllTrails goes up high on the South side staying safe and giving higher views of the lake.  There is trail that stays closer to the reservoir, but it is often steep and narrow and not for the faint in heart. I went on the lower trail today for I wanted to stay close to the lake.  I took 360 pictures around the whole lake and stitched them together and they are lower on the post.    This lake has lots of options for people.  There is fishing, and swimming.  I saw many people hanging out in hammocks by the side of the water.  It has a nice dock that is handicap/ wheelchair accessible that is such a beautiful place to take an aging loved one.  On the dock it has spots you can set your kayak into to get set up before launching.  I thought that was very cool.  Beautiful place to bring the family and hang out.

Video above of nice ramp and 360 view of Kayak launching spot off the dock below.

Heading out to walk around the lake below.

Here is the turn off and the sign marking the trail to head around the lake.

Video above is of the stream you cross on the East side as you walk around the lake.

The south side of the reservoir has some nice spots to hang out and fish in the shade of the trees.

360 Walk around Tibble Fork Reservoir

I have heard many people talk about walking around the lake, but what I did not realize until I headed around, is that if you stay close to the lake, you are not on an official trail.  This means that they trail is not well kept up or ensured to be safe.  I realized pretty soon that this trail was a little steep, and a little precarious, but you constantly see people on the trail when you walk this way.  They might want to consider making it an official trail.  The Tibble fork trail is more like a 3 hour trail and heads really far back into the mountains.

360 Trails on East Side of Lake

Above is a 360 walk on the South West side of lake.

Video below is of the parking lot and the beautiful mountains with snow covered tips on the North West side of lake.

If you like this area, there is more to see.  Just click on the Tibble Fork Google Earth Link 
then click on the little dude in the bottom corner, then click on any blue dot or line where you want to see more.

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