Red Reef Trail Hurricane Utah in 360 Degrees

Red Reef Trail Hurricane Utah
Red Reef Trail Hurricane Utah

Red Reef Trail Hurricane Utah in 360 Degrees

This trail is a gorgeous hike.  The cliffs were gorgeous the hike has lots of spots to get in the water, or cliff jump into the water.  Most people divide this hike into 2 sections.  There is the first section where it is just a nice easy stroll, cute small waterfalls with spots for kids to wade in cute ponds and spots for teenagers to jump off rocks into the pools of water. At the second set of these ponds is a bottle neck spot that you have to use ropes to pull yourself up a steep rock and then across a some horizontal foot steps cut out the the rock to get around.  On busy days, this can get backed up and take some time to let others around and wait for your turn, especially if parents are silly and take little ones across, then it takes forever to help there young ones across. This is a little past half way, but it is important to know that if you are not planning on swimming up a cold river then this spot is not worth the wait to cross.  To go any further you have to get really wet and swim.  It is cool swimming up a narrow canyon, but there is a really tricky spot that stops most people.  There is 2 huge boulders with a narrow spot right in the middle of them. In this spot the water is coming through and you have to wedge your feet and just keep shimming up those 2 rocks until you get up.  It is a tough arm workout and most don't make it without a buddy to help them through it.  From here it is just about staying in the river bed and working your way up.  Soon you leave the slot canyon and most head back, but the trail does continue on.  There are beautiful views and on the right hand side there is another narrow slot canyon that most don't find.  I had my cell phone and 360 camera so I was suck dropping my gear and risking getting it stolen, or going back to find Todd.  Todd found another slot canyon right after the tricky rope spot and I walked up that to find him.  Another gorgeous slot canyon.  He then took my gear, and I headed up to swim up the slot.  I am just bummed my daughter did not share that she had brought the waterproof GoPros and they were in the car.   UGH..Really.  They would have been so perfect to wear on this hike. What an adventure.  Too bad I didn't get much of it on film. :(

360 Degree Image  at Red Reef Canyon Hurricane Utah

Above is what the trail looks like about 1/4 a mile in.

Below is a Video of a cute Waterfall and Pond on Red Reef Trail that kids love to play in.

This cute Trio being adorable as usual.

The gals jumping in the water.

Last One Heading In

Here is kinda the Beginning of the Slots.  Gorgeous cliffs surround you, and it is just a beautiful place to hang out.
Below is the spot that is the bottle neck in the hike, especially if someone pushes there little ones to go past this point.  There is not much for a kid under 8 to be able to do past this point, so to take them past this point, is just frustrating the other hikers, for little kids (rightly so) get very scared navigating this spot and take a long time to conquer it.

360 Degree Google Earth Trail on Red Reef Trail 

Here is me climbing up the rope and crossing passed the second waterfall.
Below is us trying to decide if we should go on.  to go on, means being willing to swim up in the cold water, and conquer climbing up a waterfall that is said to be tough.  I first decided maybe I should stay back with my hubby, but I ended up leaving him with my gear and braving it up the river.  It was tough up the fall, but I conquered!

Here is a video from a guy that hiked up top looking down on the slot I swam through. Kinda fun seeing it from the top.  You got to watch this.  It is awesome.

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