Upper Falls- Provo Canyon & Provo River Parkway Trail in 360 Degrees

Upper Falls Waterfall Provo Utah in 360 Degrees

  • 40 min South of SLC
  • 0.6 mile hike  
  • 560 feet Elevation Gain
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up
  • Takes about 1 hour 
  • Easy to Moderate Hike - Level 2 . It is nice and short, but it is lots of boulders that would be hard on tiny kids, or elderly.

Hiking up to Upper Falls has been on my list for months.  It is a beautiful falls that is often overlooked because of the popularity of Bridal Veils that is very close by, however this is still is a very beautiful waterfall.  The "All Trails" app labels this hike as easy, but I might say it is Easy to Moderate for even though the trail is short the trail is still quite steep and there are so many boulders to twist a foot on.  It is not hard, but I would not take my mother for it would be too difficult for her.  The trail is quite well marked for the first part of the trail, and then it gets a little questionable where the exact trail is.  I think the trail goes to the left of the falls, but I found a smaller trail that stayed in front of the falls.   I was glad I did, for the left side looses the view of the beautiful upper section of the falls.  At the base of the falls is a structure that looks like it used to be a cement box, but I am not sure its history or what it was used for. I think they used to trap the water there for drinking water years and years ago, but it is no longer used for that. It looks man made from the side, but it doesn't look man made from the top. The water runs down the rocks below, but then disappears underground to where...I am not sure. On the top left there is a trail I found that walks along  a ridge in the cliff.  It was cool, and I think it would lead to a beautiful view of the road and canyon, but it is a little scary and I opted to head back for I was solo, and I shy away from risks when solo.  My only disappointment was that there were multiple spots where graffiti has taken away from the beauty of this area.  Both at the trail head which starts going around this cement structure (which I believe used to be a shop at one point in time)  to spots along that cliff ledge at the top left of the falls.  At the base there is a nice bridge to hang out on and watch the pretty river.  Then there is a beautiful park for a picnic that has gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains that are glorious, the river near by is calming and beautiful. Great place to hang out to enjoy the river, or before or after hiking to the falls.

Start of trail if you want to see the trail. Disappointing to see graffiti here.

The trail head is weird to find for it sneaks around the southwest corner of this old snack shack.

2 Tiers of Upper Provo River Falls
2 Tiers of Upper Provo River Falls

Video at Base of Upper Falls- Just click on it and it will come up.

Trip back up with Todd when Upper Falls is greener. 

360 Google Earth Trail up to Upper Falls

Video of Upper Falls in the early Spring.  View is nice for it is not blocked with trees, but it is not too green. 

Just click below and video will come up.

Below is Video of the Upper Falls in July. 

Just click below and video will come up.

This trail is 0.6 miles out and back trail.  It is easy most parts, but is rocky and steep in a few parts.  Not easy enough for someone that is old and not in good shape.  There is a section that heads off to the left of the waterfalls, and I would be aware to let your kids do that section, for it is not very safe. Want more info on this hike.  Here is the all trails link.
 Link to All Trails Upper Falls for current info on trail

Video Up Close to Upper Falls in July

Just click below and video will come up.

360 Google Earth Trail up close to Upper Falls.


360 Google Earth Trail at Upper Falls Park

This park is such a hidden secret.  The view of the mountains are amazing.  The hike is just right here.  You can watch the river from the bank or from the bridge, both are nice.


Top or End of Trail for Provo River Parkway
Top or End of Trail for Provo River Parkway
The hike to Upper Falls is short and left us with time to walk on the Provo River Parkway for a while.  You walk along the river and there are ducks to watch, fisherman to watch, people running, walking, long boarding. 
Sections of Provo River Parkway are dealing with consrtuction, so it is wise to check the Provo parks and Trails website here and see if the section you are wishing to enjoy is open.

360 Google Earth Trail along Provo River Parkway

Provo River Parkway got a big thumbs up from us, for there was so much shade, lots of variety from amazing cliff walls to interesting spots on the river, and even fun wildlife to watch.
The trail heading east ends at Vivian park, but it still is interesting to go to the end for the river is so green here.  
Here is another Trail website with info about the Provo River Parkway.  
If you like this area, there is loots more you can check out.  Just click on this Upper Falls Provo Canyon Link, then click on the little dude in the bottom corner, then any blue line or dot to see more. 

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