Fifth Water Hot Springs and Falls in Spanish Fork Canyon in 360 Degrees

Fifth Water Hot Springs and Falls in Spanish Fork Canyon in 360 Degrees

Today I headed out to Spanish Fork to this cool area that has a mineral hot springs coming up into the river.  This makes a super cool feature of small hot tubs along the river.  It is a popular destination to take a date, go for a hike along a beautiful river, and then hang out in a hot tub for a while.  Up river from the hot tubs is a pretty waterfall that has cool spots both at the bottom and in the middle where you can climb under the waterfall and then stick your head out or walk underneath the waterfall.  I was expecting to enjoy this area the most, but surprisingly I really enjoyed the hike more.  It got crowed at the hot springs, while the hike was super beautiful more relaxing for me.  The parking on a Saturday can be ridiculous, and they are very vigilant about giving out tickets if you are not parked in a spot that is really clear to park in. I headed up to hike this in the winter, but the road is closed off 3 miles before the trail so it ends up being a 10 mile hike in the snow.  :(  If you are hiking in May/June here, you can print off this scavenger hunt to keep your kids entertained while they hike.  No pencil needed, just rip into the flower square when you find  it.
(Location of hike is up Spanish Fork Canyon, turn left on Diamond Fork Canyon Road.  It is up the canyon about 20 min. )

Waterfall up further from the hot springs.

The Hot Springs

This is a cute smaller waterfall down below the hot springs.
Senecio Jacobaea

360 View along hike. 

View along Trail.  

If you make sure a look up there are lots of places with beautiful cliffs.

Woolly Locoweed

True Forget-me-not Flower 

More views of the beautiful River

Bridge to cross the River, and beautiful mountains behind. 

Views of some beautiful boulders in the river. 

Beautiful Common Reeds in the Middle of the River

I always thought these were a sweet pea, but they are identified as a Vetch flower.  

White Evening Primrose.  
These flowers don't look like much during the middle of the day, but in the evening they open up and are gorgeous.  If you are lucky enough to run into a field of these in the evening it is a beautiful site to see. 
Mahonia Aquifolium

Beautiful Mountains with River Below

Link to Flower Scavenger Hunt.

Below are some of my favorite Hiking Essentials.  Check them out!

I have an older version of this Camelbak, but I love it.  I have taken it all over the world.  It has lots of good pockets and if something goes wrong with the water system  I just call them up and they send me a replacement.  I just love that about them.

For most women, big pockets and belts are not something we often have, but not having quick access to your phone while hiking can be frustrating. This awesome phone case straps on my shoulder straps of my backpack and gives me super easy access to my phone whenever I need it, while being easy to store. I LOVE this!
Below is my External GPS I use.  I use it with All Trails app on my phone and a Downloaded Offline Google Map of the area, and it helps me a lot while hiking.  Of course you always want a paper map, but this is awesome and SO helpful.  The Global Sat is the one I have but it only works with Android.  The black and red one is great for an iOS device.  You can actually take one of your old iPads and link with this guy, mount him in your car and you have an amazing navigation device.

Hiking in the winter can be so much fun if you have the right gear.  I have these spikes that I carry in my backpack and when the trail gets slippery, I just slip these on and I am good!  Spikes are such a great asset to have on a trail.  I have watched people sliding and stressed out on these trails and they wish they had these for they make hiking in slippery situations no big deal, and a good pair of wool socks can keep feet warm, but yet keep the moisture off your feet.

I have a few pairs of hiking shoes and boots.  The Solomon's are great waterproof shoes, but my foot is just a little too small for these.  I then bought a pair of Northface hiking shoes.  They are great shoes also and I have lots of miles on these also.  These were a little too small for my feet, but no other complaints.  I only started looking for a new pair when I twisted my ankle one too many times and I wanted a light weight boot.  I decided on Hoka One One boots for how light weight they are, how waterproof they are, the AMAZING traction (I am shocked and ho well these grip slick rock areas),  and how cushy they are to walk in. It is like walking on a cloud.  I only have had issues with this boot that it does not help me with my pains from my bad feet in my shins or calf area.  I get this with other shoes, but I think a high top doesn't help.

I don't have great feet so any support I can give them it very important to me.  I recently found these arch supports and I really like them.  They have been a nice support to my feet.

A great set of hiking sticks that is good quality is so important to me.  It helps me so that I can use my arms to lighten the workout on my legs when climbing, and helps me have at least 3 points to stabilize me on hard climbs or descents.

A headlamp in the backpack is always an important thing.  Sometimes hiking in the dark is planned and it is so enjoyable to hike down a trail and see the city lights below or a gorgeous sunset. Sometimes though the hike just took longer than expected and it is crucial to have.  Sometimes you might just be lucky and run across a lava tube or a cave and that is also a blessing to have a nice bright headlamp that will do a great job.  This headlamp has been amazing.  They are super bright, and just plug into the wall to charge (just don't leave it too long plugged in.

I don't like to leave a trace while hiking, but sometimes nature calls, so these biowipes with a light shovel makes the mark I make quickly fade away.  I  have never had to use the Snake bite kit, but they are a piece of mind that I refuse to hike without it in my bag.  Running across a rattlesnake in Utah is just something that you probably will run across, but they are usually extremely easy to walk widely around and give them their space. And this affordable container is great on my kayak to keep my stuff dry.  Love it.

For those long hikes, I don't want any chance that my AllTrails, or Google Maps goes out, so I strap this Solar Panel to the back of my backpack, and it keeps all my important things charged and happy.  You should probably also buy a battery to go with it so it can have a place to store the power. 

I am getting more and more worried about getting a tick these days, so I try and always remember to spray myself down before hitting the trail. Always a

Everyone has their favorite hiking snacks that give them just the right amount of energy to finish the trail. Here are some snacks that are most often in my backpack.  We love the Korean Barbeque Jerky that is so soft and delicious.  I have tried many energy bars, but Cliff bars are my go to for they seem to give me the most energy.

 Sometimes when you are almost to the peak and just feeling drained of energy a ZipFizz is just perfect to give you just a little more energy to help you finish off the hike.  I like that it is like getting a 1/2 doze of a B-vitamin shot from the hospital, and the caffeine it has is a natural source that doesn't  make me fell weird or have my energy plummet after it wears off.

These are some clothes I love.  The high waist helps me keep my tummy in, and the pocket is so useful.  The Outrip ones I have in Black and they are super comfortable. These other items are items I love.

These Capris aren't necessarily for hiking, but I love them.  I can't wait to buy another pair. They fit so nice, and are so slimming.  They run small so the recommendation is to order a size up.

Overnight Gear

When I go hiking overnight, oatmeal in the morning is such a great way to warm up and to start the day.  I have 2 sources to get that oatmeal going.  If I sleep in the back of my car I bought these handy cups that plug into the lighter to do my oatmeal. Problem is it is not super fast.  I also have a camp stove, and that is super nice and fast but requires getting out in the cold to get it going.  Also my new adventure is trying out an overnight hike.  These hammocks with mosquito nets and rain fly are the new favorite for hikers.

We had an event w   here we were out in the desert and got a flat tire, and the spare was worthless.  It was a little unnerving.  Ever since that event we got smarter.  We found this awesome tire pump and jack that works off your car battery (Brilliant!), and a small battery in a case with jumper cables that will jump a car in a pinch.  I think every car should have one!

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