Art Dye Disc Golf Park American Fork in 360 Degrees

Art Dye Disc Golf Park 

in American Fork, Utah in 360 Degrees

I think Art Dye is a hidden treasure in American Fork, Utah that often goes unnoticed.  By the entrance it looks like a piddly park, but if you drive back into the park you realize this park is huge.  Last year they hosted the American Fork days concert here and fireworks and it was a huge even with thousands of people.  The park has the normal soccer fields, baseball fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, but it is the unique things that really are cool.  Hidden in the trees around the east side of the park boasts one of the best Disc Golf Courses in the State.  People love this course for it is such a great challenge and uniqueness.  Each station is well marked and lets you know where you need to get your disc to, what the par for the course is, and a good map.  The hole is a cage like structure you need to get your Frisbee disc into.  It is such a great family activity.  Needing green time, this is a great idea for you and your kiddos!  Park also has a new pickle-ball court.  How cool is that!  Also if you get there early in the morning the chances of watching a hot air balloon launch is quite high, for this is a favorite spot for launching.  There are 18 holes on his course.  You don't have to do them all, just grab your Frisbee and try out a few.  If you run across a pro Disc Golf player you will notice they carry a sling bag across their shoulder with a few different type of discs for different throws.  Just like golfers with their bag of golf clubs there are disc used for different types of throws. 

For those who remember, ten years ago my son also did his Eagle Project here are Art Dye Park.  We spent hours cleaning up this area so this Disc Golf could be a better place.
Rules of the Course 

Some Disc Golfers taking a shot.


Here is a great website with Disc Golf Course Reviews.  

and the website for  the Professional Disc Golf Association Link for this Course. 

HOLE 9 and 10
Cage for HOLE 9



Here is the cage for Hole 16

Video of Hole 16

There are many disc golf courses around.  I ran into another great one at Brighton Ski Resort after hiking Lake Mary, Martha and Catherine.  We went over to Twin lakes on the way down, and then walked along some ski trails coming down, and there hidden in the trees was a disc golf course. 
If you want to see the Lake Mary hike, you see it by clicking on this link.  



Video of Hole 15

Here is a great video going through the course at Art Dye Park

More Maps for HOLE 17, 1 and 14

Video at Hole 1

Great Park area for Kids.  If you are there early on a Saturday morning your chances of catching a hot air balloon launch is high. :)

Hot Air Balloon taking off.

If you liked this hike and would like to see more, you can see where each hole is on Google Earth.  Just click on the Art Dye Google Earth link, then the little dude in the bottom corner, then any area where you want to see more.  The disc golf course in mostly in the trees on the east side. 

Take a minute to check out this disc golf gear  below to get yourself all ready to go to check out this fun park.