Kayaking Provo River in 360 Degrees

360 Adventure Kayaking and Fishing in Provo River

So last night Todd was craving some time fishing.  Our goal was the north side of Deer Creek.  We parked at the Charleston parking lots and launched our Kayaks.  Paddling around a lake is fun, but finding the inlets and rivers coming into the lake is even funner.  I started kayaking north staying close to shore and I found this area that was like a kelp forest.  It was interesting and I have never seen anything like it.
The stems going down were fuzzy and looked kind of moss covered, and the leaves were an oval shape and ranged from green to a beautiful red.

I went out in the lake to get a nice look around Deer Creek Lake on the North side.

After paddling around a little while, Todd suggested we head to the inlet.  I couldn't even see the inlet, but it was just North East of me, so we headed up.

Here is the Utah Wildlife website with information about the fish found here, the current regulations, and bait restrictions. 

  I started really enjoying this, for it is even cooler.  You have interesting things to look at on both sides, the wildlife increases, and the challenge of kayaking goes up.
When you exit Deer Creek and head up Provo River, you first go under this bridge.  The water is high right now, so you are closer to the bridge than you usually would be.
We crossed under the bridge and bam...Todd had a fish, and it was a BIG beautiful trout!

The sad thing about this big beautiful trout is that when Todd was working on preparing it, we found it was packed full of eggs.  It was heading up river to lay them.  It made us sad.  We did some research about how we could save the eggs, but without the mother present, it wouldn't work.  We did find that those fish eggs are amazing bait, so we are excited to take them out and see what luck we have with them.


If you look at the picture closely, you can see how swollen her belly is.
The Provo River past the bridge does not have a that tough of a current and there are places on the sides that are easy paddling, but....
the river is making a kind of stair shape, and once you make that second turn, then your arms start getting a better workout and you get to fight some current, and after the next bend the current picks up more.

I was hanging out on the side fishing, and watched a family attempt to kayak up this section.  They pushed hard, but didn't make it much further.  

I loved fishing with a little bit of current.  I would cast out, then put my fishing pole in my trolling hole and slowing start making my way up the current with my cute little fish lure swimming in the end of my fishing pole.  I caught my first fish this way.  I was so excited!


My fish I caught was a grey, yellow, greenish small mouth base. We ate it the next day, and it had a nice flavor.  

Besides trying my luck at fishing and actually succeeding, I loved watching the wildlife.  I saw a BEAVER or an River OTTER swim right in front of me.  
 I saw a bird with a bright yellow head (Maybe a yellow headed black bird) 
 and a bird that was tan that looked like a sandpiper but might have been a killdeer.

The bird were enjoying the bugs in the mud off to the side of the river. 
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