Lisa Falls and Little Cottonwood Creek in Little Cottonwood Canyon in 360 Detgrees

Lisa Falls and Little Cottonwood Creek in 360 Degrees

I went up Little Cottonwood Canyon in the middle of June in hopes of hiking to Lake Mary and Catherine. 

The drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon is reason enough to explore up this canyon.  The drive is GORGEOUS!

 I got to Alta and was a little disappointed that the gate passed Alta into the Albion Basin was closed until around the first of July.  I wasn't sure I had time to make the 3.7 mile hike into an 8 mile hike, so I opted for checking out other things.  I ended up Hiking Lake Mary and Catherine a few days later from Brighton.  Luckily I made it up a few weeks later.  Here is the link to that awesome hike. 

So I was off to just explore.  From the Alta parking lot there is a fun stream on the North side.  There is a fun walk up this stream...Just be careful, for it is dangerous if you go up too far, but beautiful for about 1/4 a mile.  


The crazy thing about Little Cottonwood creek is in 27 mile it drops about 5400 feet which creates a very fast flowing creek/river.  At the top it a cute creek, but already by the middle of the canyon by Lisa Falls it is a wide fast flowing river.


After walking that cute stream, I saw a pull off and was curious what hike wad there.  I was so please to find out it was a waterfall.  My AllTrails says it is a hard hike, BUT after reading the comments I realized that it is a family level hike to the base of the falls, and the Hard hike is climbing with ropes to the top.  It is a super short hike, maybe takes 5-10 minutes from the road.  Perfect for little ones, or for big ones to just go up and hang out to relax.

I redid this spot, so you can find more about Lisa Falls, and Gate Buttress Trail also here.
Link to Lisa Falls and Gate Butress

Arial Video done so well by Todd Copeland

Whole falls from the distance.

If you liked this area and would like to see more of this area, click on the Google Earth Link


Then click on the little dude in the bottom corner.  Then any blue dot or line to see more.  
Please remember that this hike is only for rope climbers if you go beyond the bottom of the falls.  It is very dangerous if you try and go beyond. 


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