Fisher Towers in 360 Degrees Moab Utah

Fisher Towers in 360 Degrees - Moab, Utah

Fisher Towers is definitely my most favorite hike in the Moab area.  It is so epic in nature that it is awe inspiring even for those who are not lovers of the outdoors.  Every time I go here it always surprises me how tall these towers are.   The drive from Moab here is also so very beautiful, and makes the hike that much more of a successful experience.  The towers shade you from the sun for a good section of the early morning hours which is a huge plus.  In the evening, the towers are splendid for photography work for they light up beautifully.  It is fun with the family, for it really keeps the hiker on your toes watching for Cairns or arrows directing the way.  You can tell quick if you are off the path and just retrace steps to find the marker, but it is not a straight shot type hike making it all that much more fun!   It is a 4.4 mile round trip hike that never gets really steep but does continually climb.  There is a spot with a ladder that those with dogs get stuck on, but there is a long path around it (you just have to find it.)  :)    There is 3 kinda U shaped sections in the hike.  The last tallest tower is called "The Titan".

Video with people so you can see the size of these things.

Video from when we went last year. 

Awesome Video Todd Created from Drone shots.

360 Google Earth Trail at Fisher Towers

Ladder area you need to climb down.
Fisher Towers

A hiker I love to follow and watch his posts with his little kids tackling different hiking adventures called DiscoGo.

If you want to see more click on this Google Earth link
Google Earth Fisher Towers Link
Then click on the little dude in the bottom, and then any blue dot to see more.  
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