Albion Basion Alta, Utah in 360 Degrees

Albion Basion 
Alta, Utah in 360 Degrees

This week I was in the mood for Wild Flowers.  My first stop was Albion Basion.  My goal was Devil's  Castle trail.  As driving up to the Campground nice ans slow, I was so delighted with the flowers I saw just outside my window of the car.  I have a 360 Stitch of driving down Albion road below.  It was delightful drive.  A couple things quick you need to know about Albion Basion.  It is a dirt road, and not much parking.  This being said, I started early on a weekday and at 7 am I got handed my map and told that I was lucky for at 7:30 I would need to pay $7 to drive the road.  Also on weekends there is so many people wanting to see this place that they use buses to drive people up.  If you just want to see the flowers in Albion basion, it is an easy hike from Alta parking lot and there is no fee to do that.  The hike is only 1-2 miles long, and if you add in Cecert lake it is another mile.  

I headed west from the parking lot by the Campground.   I love how there are clusters of flowers in so many color combos.  Here the the pinks, purples, and whites and a nice foreground to the mountains. 

Just a few feet away, there is a cluster of blues and yellows.  This isn't called the royalty of wild flowers for nothing.

Here you have a nice patriotic red white an blue combo all together. 

As I was walking, I found this big beautiful black boulder with flowers all around it. (Above)

Around the corner from the boulder is a cute little pond.  This was a gorgeous spot, but it had TONS of mosquito.  Make sure you bring mosquito replant!

After only the first few minutes, I was thrilled about this hike.  It was turning out fabulous, BUT then I hit a trail construction sign and it told me I needed to detour to a different route.  WHAT?!?!  This one is so pretty.  :(

So I ended up walking down Albion Basin Road, and then taking a left side road, and watching for a trail that would turn right.

Video of the Field of Flowers in Albion Basion

Blue Bells with contrasting White Flowers in Albion Basion
Blue Bells with contrasting White Flowers in Albion Basion

360 Google Earth Trail at Albion Basin During Flower Season

Even though this trail is much wider for vehicles, it is still an amazing trail.  

These white flowers are those amazing ones that dry so pretty.  There are also Lupins scatter in them.  The Lupins are a little small this year from our lack of water, but everything is still beautiful.

Click Below for Video of Huge Field of Yellow and Purple Flowers

Here I found a huge field of yellow Arrowleaf Balsamroot, but it is even prettier than previous places I have been for there is some variety mixed in of other flowers which makes beautiful combo flower pictures.

From here I headed back up to the Campground and then on to Cecret Lake.  Click here if you want to see Cecret Lake.  

Below is a 360 Stitched images of Drive Down on


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