Big Baldy trail Lindon Utah in 360 Degrees

Big Baldy Trail in 360 Degrees

Lindon, Utah

My hiking buddy and I have hiked this hike many times.  The incline on this hike is getting up there with a 956 feet per mile incline and that is for a solid 3 miles.  

Top of Timp649 Feet/mile
Lake Blanche813.73 feet/mile
Deer Creek/Dry Canyon853.7 feet/mile
Battle Creek to front of Timp900.98 feet/mile
Grove Creek to Indian Springs940.7 feet/mile
Big Baldy956 feet/mile
The "G" Hike961.25 feet/mile
Lone Peak1009.6 feet/mile
Timpanogas Cave Monument1194.8 feet/mile
Mount Olympus1309 feet/mile

For those who don't know, Big Baldy is the triangular mountain that sits right in front of Timpanogos mountain just right of center in this picture below.

The first few times hiking this we thought we could get close to the top in 2.5-3 hours, but it takes longer than that and the section from the campsite the rest or the way to the top seems like it should only be a little section, but it is at least a mile from the back "Top" to the front "top"  of Big Baldy, but the last section you have many spots for amazing views of the valley to the North. 

Big Baldy From the Top

 My favorite time to hike this is in the fall and this canyon is gorgeous with its splendid fall colors.  

I am missing some of my pictures to the top, but this link has a great website to a really clear visual of landmarks to the top.    

Last week when I hiked it, the Bunchleaf Pestemon and Blue Lupin were in bloom. 

Bunchleaf Pestemon and Blue Lupin
The trail does not follow a river, but it still had LOTS of shade, for much of the trail is narrow paths through Scrub Oak.
When you get to the back side of Big Baldy, the front of Timp opens up without any mountain blocking the views and it is a beautiful view. 

More Lupin on the trail. 

But my favorite part of the hike is the views of Dry Canyon on the way down.  

Great Video of Highlights of the trail by Rex Nye

Absolutely LOVE the hike from here down.  It doesn't matter if you make it all the way to the top, just the first mile or so it beautiful.

Something fun I learned while hiking this hike, is that Google maps walking worked really good on this trail.  I didn't think it would, for it is not as popular as others, but I downloaded the map, made sure I had a offline google map downloaded, and I pushed start on google maps.  It was awesome, for it told us exactly when to turn and which trail to take.  It was great.  I was impressed.

This canyon is by far my most favorite canyon for in the fall time.  The vibrant reds and cliffs make it just stunning, so put this hike on your list of fall hikes, for it will be well worth your time.

Dry Canyon in the Fall
Dry Canyon in the Fall
So if you are hoping to hike to the Top of Timpanogos this year and are trying to figure out how to get ready for it, Big Baldy hike is perfect, for it is a great trainer to get ready for Timp, but make sure you allow a solid 4 hours if you are wanting to make it to the top, or you won't make it.