Trails around Art Dye Park in 360 Degrees, American Fork

 Exploring Trails around Art Dye Park, American Fork

Art Dye Park is Famous for its Disc Golf Course

While I was at Art Dye Park at the Disc Golf Course, I noticed a lot of people walking, running, biking on a trail on the North side of the park. 
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  Art Dye Disc Golf Course Link)

So today I decided to check where this trail went, and I was delighted with all this trail has to offer for an AMAZING OUTDOOR ADVENTURE for your kids.

So lets get some GREEN TIME for the kiddos and have a super fun day while we are at it.  

FIRST:  Grab a backpack, throw in it a Frisbee or 2, some drinks, snacks, a bag of bread.  

Our favorite frisbee is this LED Frisbee you can turn on and play with in the dark.  It is super fun. 

SECOND:  Throw in your car your kids favorite set of wheels, and grab all those kiddos.  Head to Art Dye Park, or if they are older, to your closest Murdock Trail junction.  

THIRD:  Set out the rules.  Our game today is to get as many points as possible in a 2-3 hours time limit.  Tell them 60 points gets a prize, and you can determine what that might be.

Scavenger Hunt Game for Green Time for Kids
Scavenger Hunt Game for Green Time for Kids

Here is a link to download the GAME above- 

The amazing thing about Art Dye Trail is you get 2 parks, a pond, 2 viewing areas of 2 different viewing areas of golf courses, ducks to feed, things to do.  It is exercise with so many fun detours! 

FOUR: Route is East on Art Dye Trail.  

Then follow Art Dye Trail to where it merges with Murdock Trail. (If you are coming from Murdock trail, take the short Detour down to Art Dye Trail and then back up),  then head up to the Highland Glen Pond, around the pond, and up to Highland Canyon Trail.  You can turn whenever the kids are getting tired, but you should find 2 fun parks, and of course the lake on your travels.  Good Luck.  


Head East on the Trail on the North side of Art Dye Park.  Make sure you take a few minutes to grab a few points!  

Trail Map Sign around Art Dye and Highland Glen Park
Trail Map Sign around Art Dye and Highland Glen Park
Walk up until you merge with Murdock Canal Trail.
Murdock Canal Trail behind Loan Peak High School
Murdock Canal Trail behind Loan Peak High School

Watch for your different park benches to get those points!

360 Google Earth Trail on Murdock Canal heading into Highland Glen Park - Make sure kids Watch for Cars here.

Watch that street crossing before Highland Glen park and make sure your kids cross safely.

Play Area at Highland Glen Pond

Watch for the Park to play at to get even more points!

Make sure you take the turn to head to Highland Glen Canyon Trail and head down to the lake to feed the ducks and watch for more points.  

Murdock Canal Trail Sign
Murdock Canal Trail Sign

360 Google Earth Trail at Highland Glen Pond

On the South west side is ducks to feed and a turtle hanging out in the water. 

On the east side of the lake watch for the Highland Canyon Trail, and take that trail.

Watch down below for those golfers so you can get some more points!

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