Devil's Castle Alta, Utah in 360 Degrees

Devil's Castle Alta, Utah
Devil's Castle Alta

Devil's Castle  

Alta, Utah in 360 Degrees

My adventures this week took me to Devil's Castle.  I knew it would be a hard hike, but when you hear it is hard, it is really nice to know why.  Some hikes that are marked hard are not hard at all.  Some are hard because it is steep, but I have had steep where there were not loose rocks, but just boulders that were large, but not too large that was not that hard.  I have had hikes that are loose sharp rocks and steep and those are crazy and I turn around for it would be just crazy hard coming down. This was steep, but no nice boulders to make steps, and no loose sharp rocks.  This is just dirt for the most part that is steep.  So as I started climbing the last mile, I had to evaluate.  Is this too much for me?  I decided that I was prepared and I had my hiking sticks and I can do the four point system really well to help me down.  I also thought it would not be bad to sit on my butt and scoot down if I was too nervous (Never got to that point), so the point is, yes this is steep.  It challenge me and helped me develop skills so I was happy about it, but you can bet your bottom dollar I said a prayer before heading down.  So hopefully that will give you a baring of if this hike is or is not meant for you.
So I would say this is a Difficult hike, but an Epic hike. If you can handle not freaking out on the the steep descent then this hike will amaze you.

  The cool thing I discovered the first Time hiking this trail, is that in my mind there are 2 different hikes called Devils Castle.  The one that is listed in AllTrails heads to the top that is a little scary because of the steepness of the trail.  They other is on the maps at Alta.  It is a beautiful loop in front of Devils Castle and heads through the most beautiful fields of Wildflowers.  I absolutely LOVED this trail.  
Tiny Planet Photos of Flowers along Devils Castle Loop Trail

Here is a VR 360 Video of the Wildflowers along the Devils Canyon LOOP trail.

Make sure you rotate it around to See Everything.  Of course the best way to view this is in a VR Headset. 

The hike is located in Alta, and you head to Cecret Lake, and the trail starts on the East side just about 20 feet back from the lake.  I like to take the Devils Castle Loop Trail that is a small trail that heads off to the left at the beginning of the Cecret Lake Trail.   It is also easy to locate on the South East corner of the lake back about 20 feet from the lake.  The trail then starts south up the mountain towards Devil's castle, or has the left side of the trail that joins up with the Devils Castle Loop Trail to stay in the front of the mountain instead of heading to the top.  

Awesome Fields of Red, White, and Blue flowers abound in front of Devil's Castle on the Devils Caste Loop Trail. 

Wildflowers along the Devils Castle Loop Trail

2D Version of above if you want me to help you find the best parts of the video.

If you do either Devils Castle Loop, or to the Top of Devils Castle you will see Cecret Lake, and with either trail, a quick loop around the lake is always delightful.  Hiking to the top of Devil's Castle is fun, for you have views of Cecret Lake almost the whole way up, and you just keep watching it get smaller and smaller. Here is a link to my blog post on Cecret Lake

Cecret Lake


1.  I was super grateful I had my nice hiking sticks.  Todd has some that are just pointy on the bottom, and they are not great at staying the same height.  I really LOVE my sticks.  They grab the rocks I am climbing over, they stay strong and in place and I would not have made it down this mountain without scraps without these.  They give you a 4 point system that gave me confidence going down steep sections. These poles are very good ones and for only around $20 they are a must.  They also let you have a whole body workout when hiking and give your legs a break to help you be stronger throughout the hike.

2.  The second thing I was SUPER grateful I had was my external GPS, with the app GAIA gps and the map downloaded.  I ended up coming down on a different trail than I went up on.  I caught it pretty early, but I knew it was going in the right direction and I could tell it was going to give me amazing views of Devil's Castle from the front.  After while my trail went from a definite trail to a questionable trail.  This is why I have this cool system I have.  I opened up my app GAIA, and made sure my GPS was on, and it showed me my location, and the location of all the trails around me.  I could tell very fast that their was a trail 20-30 feet North of me heading just where I wanted to go!  It is called peace of mind. I have that and a backup charger, and backup app just in case, and of course a paper map on me.  The first one only works on Android.  The other 2 are suppose to work on both.


This is an easy spot on the South East corner where the trail around Cecret Lake and the Trail up to Devil's Castle are right next to each other making an easy spot to get on the trail.  

Lupine flowers along the Devils Castle Loop Trail.

Lupine and Indian Paint brush in front of Devils Castle

I am heading towards Sugarloaf Mountain here.  Some people walk up to the top of Sugarloaf and then across.  It might be an easier trail, but it was not what my Gala GPS or All TRails was telling me was the trail. I was also surprised to find out that they Devil's castle trail on the Alta map is not the same as the one on my All trails.

Here I am closer to Sugar loaf, and then I will be turning around and heading towards Devil's Castle.  It has not gotten real steep yet, and I am feeling pretty good about the trail so far.


Starting to get steep here.
VIDEO Almost to the top.

Video overlooking to Pittsburgh Lake - Just Click for it to come up. 

I reached the top.  The first video is looking out over Salt Lake/ Alta side.....

....The I walk over to that edge and do a video looking out over Utah Valley side.  

The lake below me is no longer Cecret Lake, but Pittsburg lake that is up American Fork Canyon.  I officially have made it to the ridge line to look down to Utah Valley on one side of me, and Salt Lake County on the other!  That is cool to say you did!

If you are afraid of heights....this one is not the hike for you.  Steep cliffs from here on out!
Look at this AMAZING FORT built up here.  It is so well built I wonder if a skier came up in the summer to get it ready for a shelter in the winter.  


I think this is one of the coolest forts I have seen! 

Video of Cool Fort on summit right before Devils Castle - Just click for it to come up.

Video of Devils Castle - Just click on it for it to come up.

Ridgeline of Devil's Castle.  This is as far as I am interested in going, but you can get closer.  

Check out how the arch there looks like you are walking up to an entrance door, and then you will have to descend into the depth of the castle to see the master......THE DEVIL!

THE TOP, or at least the end of the line for me!

Heading down I ended up on the Devil's Castle trail that goes in front of Devil's Castle.  It was the most gorgeous walk in the middle of July, for there was SO MANY AMAZING FLOWERS!!!

The Indian Paintbrush was such a beautiful vibrant Red, and it always had blue Lupins, and White flowers around them.  

So if you think this mountain sound cool, but are more interested in avoiding heights and seeing wildflowers, still go, but do this Devil's Castle loop on the Alta Trail map.  If you are in for a cool adventure that is hard, but not dangerous hard, then go for the Devil's Castle trail I followed.  It was an awesome memory that I am glad I did (JUST MAKE SURE YOU TAKE HIKING STICKS!)

If you liked this hike and want to see more of this area, Click on the Devils Castle Google Earth Link Below
Devils Castle Google Earth Link

Then click on the little dude in the bottom corner, then any blue line or dot where you want to see more.

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Below are some of my favorite Hiking Essentials.  Check them out!

Below is my External GPS I use.  I use it with All Trails app on my phone and a Downloaded Offline Google Map of the area, and it helps me a lot while hiking.  Of course you always want a paper map, but this is awesome and SO helpful.  The Global Sat is the one I have but it only works with Android.  The black and red one is great for an iOS device.  You can actually take one of your old iPads and link with this guy, mount him in your car and you have an amazing navigation device.


Overnight Gear

When I go hiking overnight, oatmeal in the morning is such a great way to warm up and to start the day.  I have 2 sources to get that oatmeal going.  If I sleep in the back of my car I bought these handy cups that plug into the lighter to do my oatmeal. Problem is it is not super fast.  I also have a camp stove, and that is super nice and fast but requires getting out in the cold to get it going.  Also my new adventure is trying out an overnight hike.  These hammocks with mosquito nets and rain fly are the new favorite for hikers.

We had an event w   here we were out in the desert and got a flat tire, and the spare was worthless.  It was a little unnerving.  Ever since that event we got smarter.  We found this awesome tire pump and jack that works off your car battery (Brilliant!), and a small battery in a case with jumper cables that will jump a car in a pinch.  I think every car should have one!

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