Adventure Rafting Down Snake River

Adventure Rafting Down Snake River

If you want a great Green Time Adventure for your family, rafting down Snake River is always a perfect fit.  There is plenty of action going on, it teaches the importance of  working together and following orders, and the guides are usually really good about pointing out cool things in nature and about nature and how it is always changing the river.  Most importantly, I haven't see one teenager go down this river without huge grins on their faces.


If you get an experienced guide they are a wealth of information about the area and what they have witnessed change in the river in the last 10 years.
We went with Mad River Boat Trips, and we had a great ride with them.    You can check out their website here.
They have a Wicked Good Deal going on for in the mornings. If you book 2 trips online using code "BONUS" it will take off $20 per person.  If you book the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL and use code "EARLYBIRD" you can also get $20 off if you book for a 8:00am or 8:30 am spot. Use this link..

And if you want to get a good chuckle seeing super funny pictures of people rafting down the snake river follow mark on instagram/facebook @snakeriverphoto

Rafting Down Snake River
Rafting Down Snake River 

Below is a video from my perspective of going down the 

rapids on the Snake River

I am going to get SOAKED!
Before you go, you might want to think about grabbing a waterproof container for your valuables.  I just hook my waterproof container onto my kayak before going out and then I have access to my phone without worrying about it getting hurt.  I sure love it.

I love rafting the snake river, for it is not too scary, but yet not ever boring.  The cliff views around are spectacular, and there is always wildlife to see.  I have see a bald eagle twice on this river.  If you grab one of those early morning tours, you get a more intimate experience and more of your party is involved.  I also love how you can take a teenager that might be grumpy, and they can't stay grumpy too long during this experience for it is just too much fun.  It just brings out the smiles in everyone!
Rafting Down Snake River
Rafting Down Snake River 
Todd gets super excited, and the the guide teased Todd that if he wasn't careful he would be caught on film cheering on the rapids instead of paddling.  Guess the excitement was just too much, for it was AWESOME, but Todd did get caught not digging like he was supposed to and he got teased pretty good from TJ our guide.  

Above we get hit right in the center with our first wave that gets everyone wet.
Rafting Down Snake River
Rafting Down Snake River 
Our awesome guide is TJ, and he was great.  We did an early morning ride, and I am glad for the later groups are packed in the boat and would seem to me to be a little less fun. When you have a smaller group in the boat, you got to follow orders and work together, but the ride is less weighed down making it so much more FUN!

The 2 famous spots that are so much fun on the snake river are the Big Kahuna and Lunch Counter, and I so look forward to those spots for you can count on a great ride. 

Rafting Down Snake River
Rafting Down Snake River 

One year rafting down the Snake river, I was lucky and was sitting in the front with my friend.  She saw the wave coming and got scared and jumped into the middle of the raft, which immediately launched me like a rocket out of the boat right before the big rapid Big Kahuna.  I was so lucky I had an experienced guy searing the boat, for as he came by me he grabbed me a yanked me back into the boat before I even had a chance to think about how I was going to deal with being in the snake river through those rough spots.

So Book a Rafting trip down the Snake River today, and REMEMBER 

Dig good when your paddling and don't launch your friend out of the raft! :) 



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