Mediterranean Sea...via Pointe de I'Espiguette in 360 Degrees


Mediterranean Sea

...via Pointe de I'Espiguette in 360 Degrees

Our family is huge beach lovers.  Some love swimming, some love collecting seashells, but we all enjoy  the water.  We were hoping to make it to Marseilles, but the driving was catching up to us, and so I did a quick change in plans to a beautiful beach that was a lot less driving.  One goal we had was to swim or at least wade in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the English Channel.  We succeeded in this, and this was our first ocean to check off...The beautiful Mediterranean Sea.  The waves were so calm, the water so salty that it was fun to float in, the Sailboats off in the distance were romantic, and down the beach there was a big cluster of kite boarders playing in the water.  The beach is on the coastline of Montpellier France, and was a beautiful beach but the walk to the beach was super long and if you took your shoes off like me to enjoy the sand your feet were scorched badly by the time you finally reached the water.

Video of Todd and daughter floating in the Mediterranean Sea.

The cart in front of me is a guy walking the beach selling cool drinks to the crowds.  He was super funny and was hilarious to watch. 

Here is a Google Map List of some of my favorite quaint towns we visited on our Tour of France if that is helpful. 
GoogleList of my Favorite Quaint Towns in France on the Map

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