Beach of the Mole St. Malo, France in 360 Degrees

Beach of the Mole 

St Malo, France in 360 Degrees

Ever since my last trip to France, the place I have craved returning to the most was St. Malo.  I took a group of students last time I was here.  The tour guide told me that this was my break, for I didn't really need to keep track of my students here. The reason is that they could walk and walk and wander and when they got to the wall, they just needed to turn around and head back.  I was thrilled for the break knowing students could manage themselves here and I did not need to worry about them. So I walked and walked, and the city was quiet, and I shopped, and I walked the beach, and I absolutely LOVED every minute of it.  When I return to the bus unfortunately, my husband went on and on about the crepes his group found and how heavenly they were.  I repeatedly got told about these crepes for the last 7 years. It was MADDENING!

So St. Malo was never a question on our return trip, it was a necessity to get me my crepe and relax on a busy trip.  When I returned, I soon found I faced a huge problem.  THE CREPE PLACE WAS GONE! WHAT!  I knew the place, but not the name, I would never be able to find the elusive crepe.   Also the peaceful town was definitely not peaceful.  It was the first Saturday of the holiday month of August.  It was packed and happening.  That should have been super exciting for me, but this in my memory was my relaxing town.  I was a little sad.  So when a substitute crepe had at least been attempted, and a small stroll around the town done, it was out to the beach.  

The beach did not disappoint.  Sunset on the beach outside of St. Malo was wonderful.  I found relaxation, a gorgeous sunset, the wonderful sound of lapping waves, the incredible walled city in the background, and of course the sand between my toes.   I love you Beach of the Mole. 

Above is looking out at the beach from the Rampart Wall of St. Malo.

Below is me walking along the Beach.  Rotate the image to the left and you will notice they have built a pool for the kids so that they can swim without worrying about rip tides.  Last time I was here, the tide was so high, I could not tell what that structure sticking just barely above the water was.  This time I was like....OOOOOHHH.....I get it now! 

Above are 2 photos of the Fort you can walk out to.

Below is the view of the awesome St Malo.  There are 2 brown mounds just in front of the brown building on the left, and there is a secret entrance back into the city there that is hidden amazingly well that used to be used by pirates and is still used today.  The pirates that built this city used to charge a fee to all boats passing in front of the city in the English Channel, and they made a mighty fortune doing it.  In fact the governments of Birttany and France pretty much left St Malo to have their own freedom on most everything, for they didn't want to mess with the Pirates and they had such huge amounts of wealth.

Panorama of the City of Saint Malo with the Sunset. 

If you enjoyed this, please watch for my post of the City of St. Malo coming soon.

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This really was an amazing Tour of France. I loved our focus of exploring a quaint town near each different country border so we felt like we experienced multiple countries yet never left France and didn't drive as far.  It was brilliant.   If you want to see all the places we traveled, just use the search magnifying glass at the top right and type in France to see more of this fun vacation.

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