Red Ledges and Diamond Fork Arch in 360 Degrees in Diamond Fork Canyon Spanish Fork, Utah


Diamond Fork Shape.  Is this is How Diamond Fork Canyon Got Its Name?

Red Ledges and Diamond Fork Arch in Diamond Fork Canyon in 360 Degrees
Spanish Fork, Utah

Diamond Fork Arch

Its Friday night, and unfortunately Todd has a huge job he is pushing through, so I said give me a great place to go.  He is my bank of great ideas for he has research so many places to film.  Red Ledges popped into him mind.  What a great adventure!  It is probably not one for little ones unless you had someone with you that knew all the super safe paths, but a great adventure for teens and up.  I started up the left side trail and just tried to stay on major trails.  It didn't get stressful until the top and then it was a little tricky to get up that last section. At the top there are trails in so many directions.  Not sure where many of them go, just the trail I ended up on :).  It was so safe and mellow with gorgeous view that I was real happy with this trail..until I got to the east side of Red Ledges.  Now this trail is not on Google maps, or All Trails so there is no help knowing what trail is right and what trail is wrong. That is stressful for me hiking when I am on high cliffs.  I felt like I was on a safe good trail that was leading me to a safe passageway down.  That is what my gut told me, but then I ended up on a ledge and the major trails went off to spots where rock climbers do a lot of climbing and repelling.  I got nervous that this safe happy trail was leading me into a scary situation that I might not be able to get back out of.  Of course, best thing to do is head back the way you came, so that is what I did and sighed a big sigh of relief when I was safely down.  Now Google maps has Red Ledges on the map, but there was also a spot called Diamond Fork Arch that popped up and I knew it was close.  I opened up my Google maps (which I had already downloaded the area) and typed in Diamond Fork Arch.  It said you are 1 minute away.  I had no idea I was so close to I had it walk me to the arch.  It was serious just on the east side of Red Ledges.  I headed up this trail, and at the top I was shocked to find that my safe path I was enjoying early did indeed merge up to a safe way down.  Right where I was.  There was a little ledge, but I was surprised I missed it.  I was happy to have figured that out for next time, but I could not see any signs of the arch.  I pulled up google maps, and somehow I had walked right by it.  I headed back down again paying more attention to my google map and realizing I am not looking for a huge landmark.  It did not take me long to find it.  It was tucked into the West side on the cliffs and was beautiful.  
This blog post has a cool walk through of my adventure, flowers I found on the hike in May/June with this link for a scavenger hunt to find the flowers (the flowers are along safe trails so don't wander off to scary places looking for them). 
Check out the flowers to Watch for on trail in May/June.  Here is the link to a Scavenger Hunt to find the flowers.
 Link to Scavenger Hunt 
No pencil needed, just rip into the picture when you find each flower. :)

Red Ledges to me has 3 awesome things.  First, it has spectacular views from up on top of the Ledges, but they are a little scary to get up to, and you must be super careful, for it is way too easy to follow a trail that puts you on top of a ledge, and the only way down is rappelling.   Second it has this cool natural cut out of a Fork on the back side of the East cliff.  Third, it has an arch on the East side that is stunning and looks like an arch right out of Arches National Park.  Below is a video link for the beautiful Arch here at Red Ledges.  

2D and 360 Video of the Arch at Red Ledges. 

2D Video Link
360 Video Link

Video of Red Ledges - Just Click on box below and it will come up.

Video of me Starting my way up the trail and the view from the start of the trail.

Click on Blue View in Google Maps to view if not coming in well
Here I am just following a fun trail up among some amazing red cliffs.

Pinkladies or Primrose flower

Unique almost fin shaped red cliff wall.
Unique almost fin shaped cliff wall.

Utah Serviceberry
Utah Serviceberry

360 Trail Heading up Red Ledges

True Forget-me-not flower
True Forget-me-not flower

Tall Tumblemustard
Tall Tumblemustard

360 Trail of Tough Spot to get up on Red Ledges Trail

Here was a spot that got kinda steep.  I was following a group and they were cheering me on, so I continued upward, but I was super glad I had my hiking sticks.

Beautiful Fleabane
Beautiful Fleabane

There are multiple ways up this last tricky part, but the girls told me the easiest was to go around the big rock you see in the middle and there was an easier spot up there.  I went up while they gals in front of me cheered me on.
360 Trail - Almost on Top of Red Ledges

Small-leaf Pussytoes
Cross Flower
Cross Flower


The views from the top were amazing! 

Western Waterleaf or Phacelia

360 Trail - Beware, some trails lead to just Rappelling Locations!

There is a very safe way down from up here, but YOU MUST STAY HIGH AND GO DOWN THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE CLIFF ON THE EAST (If I am facing out to the valley and road it is on my left.)
As I was following trails, I found that some led to repelling locations.  If you stay higher and work around the cliff on the East side, you can go down and see the Diamond Fork Arch that is on the opposite side of the cliffs you see in front of me.  You are looking for a ledge that is a steep step up, but then it is a great trail and not that scary getting down.  
You need to go down behind this cliff.  This is the cliff they often Rappel from.
You need to go down behind this cliff.  This is the cliff they often Rappel from.

Robert Geranium
Robert Geranium

More 360 Trail from up on Top

Antelope Bitterbrush


Video above is of the Diamond Fork Arch.  Can you see the fork shape and the diamonds? -
Can't see video, just click on it and it will come up.

Maybe if you are lucky and you are up in the End of May first of June you might catch these Prickly Pear Cactus in Bloom
Here is the link to the Flower Scavenger Hunt
 Red Ledges Flower Scavenger Hunt for Early Spring


Just Print the images, and then tear into each image as you find them. :)
Scavenger Hunt Hike
Scavenger Hunt Hike

If you liked this hike, like on this Red Ledges Google Earth Link below
Red Ledges Spanish Fork Google Earth Link

Then click on the little dude in the bottom corner.  Then click on any blue dot or line to see more. 


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Here are a few things that I have gear wise that I will NOT leave home without.  

WATERBACK PACK.  It is so nice to have quick water whenever you need it while hiking.

My External GPS is a MUST. I don't have much problems getting lost because of this little baby.  It is a life saver.  

On my wish list, is this handy device that lets you send a text from anywhere through GPS. Super Cool, and the goTenna doe not require a service plan. Someday if I make some money off this blogging stuff, I am going to get one of those babies.