Timpanogos and Cascade Mountains in 360 Degrees on Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Beautiful Contrast of Fields of Green then Snow Covered Mount Timpanogas End of May 2019
Beautiful Contrast of Fields of Green then Snow Covered Mount Timpanogas End of May 2019

Mount Timpanogas and Cascade Mountains in 360 Degrees along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

  • Bonneville Shoreline Trail goes from more than 280 miles from Idaho border to Nephi.  I just hiked a few miles to enjoy the view I was hoping to see... and I found it.
  • Easy hike - Level 1
  • Great views of Orem City.  You can easily play an I spy game up here with things you find in the valley.  Great for Green Time
  • Perfect views for Sunsets
  • Don't love that half this trail is on a wide dirt road, but the views from it were really interesting so I was ok with it.
  • Avoid this trail on Wednesdays, for the shooting range is just across the canyon, and it is kinda loud.  Not as peaceful as other days of the week.

360 Google Earth Street View Trail towards South West Corner of Mount Timpanogas. 

I found a field of these Cherry Laurel flowers on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail
I found a field of these Cherry Laurel flowers on the trail.  


If you turn East on 1600 N in Orem and head all the way until the road turns South, there is a a road that heads East after the turn and before the cemetery and park called Cascade Dr.  You turn here.  It also has a sign that says this is the road to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Route of the Trail I took
Above is the Trail I took.  I went from the parking lot, and first noticed the trails to the north (These just lead to the parking lot of Dry Canyon).  I started on this trail and quickly decided I was not going to get the views of Timpanogas that I wanted on that trail.  I looked behind, and there is a dirt road, and that is the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  I headed on the Bonneville Shoreline trail and enjoyed the views of Orem City and Cascade Mountain.  This would be a real fun section to play I Spy with your kids. It would keep them quite interested while walking this dirt road.  As I hiked, I was watching for a legit trail off the the left.  When I found that trail, I just headed up and had amazing views of both Cascade and Timpanogas.  It is super interesting when you get into these mountain for it always surprises me that there are these grass covered rolling hills back in here. It feels like you are in a scene from Sound of Music in the Austria mountains.  I think I could have hiked a lot longer on this trail, but I saw prints that most likely were dog.  With all the tall grasses, my silly mind thought how  a large cat would love to hide in these tall grasses, and I freaked myself out and turned around.  I doubt we have have wild cats in these mountains, but when I got home I decided to try and look up the difference between a dog paw print and a large cat paw print.  Type Wild Cat Paw Print Dog Paw Print.  You will see they are super close and hard to tell apart.

UGH!  To me they were way closer than I anticipated.  I doubt I still could tell the difference between the different prints.  For those whose fears of wild animals on the trail keep them from braving the joys of hiking, here are my words of wisdom.

  1. I have hiked about 200 trails in the last few years, and I have only seen a few deer, a moose, and some wild turkeys.  Animals usually stay away.  It is pretty rare to see an animal on the trail.
  2.  I definitely make it a habit to always have my Sabra Pepper Spray attached to my backpack that if I had something I am sure an animal would dislike the smell close to a human.
  3. If you hike with hiking sticks, I have heard that animals are very intimidated by hiking sticks and it helps keep animals away. 
  4.  One of my recent purchases, is a cool device by RADCAT that lets you text using GPS.  That means that I can use my external GPS that is grabbing great signal on a trail, and use it and my cell phone to send a buddy a message.  If some weird noise happens while I am hiking it automatically captures that sound and sends it to my buddy.
  5. Lastly, let your faith be stronger than your fears.  Fears can keep you from wonderful adventures in this life.  Be informed, take precautions, watch the trail for weird prints, or the spirit warning you of danger,  and then just enjoy the journey. 

For more information about any section of the Bonneville Shore Line Trail visit their website here.
Bonneville Shoreline Link

    Gorgeous Green Fields with Baldy and snow covered Mount Timpangos in background
    Gorgeous Green Fields with Baldy and snow covered Mount Timpangos in background

    Sweet Pea Flowers along the Trail
    Sweet Pea Flowers along the Trail

    VIDEO of South West Corner of Timpanogas Mountain from a side trail off Bonneville Shoreline Trail

    Views of Cascade Mountain from Bonneville Shoreline Trail
    Views of Cascade Mountain from Bonneville Shoreline Trail

    360 Google Earth Street View Trail Looking Towards Cascade Mountain and out over Orem City on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

    If you rotate this to the right 90 degrees you will see the overlook of the city and Utah Lake.  This trail would be a great place to set up a chair and watch a sunset over Utah Lake.

    Cascade Mountain view along Bonneville Shoreline Trail
    Cascade Mountain view along Bonneville Shoreline Trail

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    GRANDSTAFF CANYON - Morning Glory Natural Bridge hike is fabulous.  I love that the hike explores this canyon that has such tall Grand cliff walls.  I love that it weaves back and forth across the river keeping it very interesting.  There was so many places along the trail that I thought were so picturesque, and the arch at the end was really unique and cool.  Great hike in any season.
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    Dry Canyon is a magical canyon with cliffs on both sides that make it feel as if you are entering a magical kingdom.  The curley springs trail heads off to the right and walks along the front of this mountain with amazing views of Orem, and fields of yellow wild flowers in May and June.


    Grand View Point - Island In The Sky Canyonlands
    I love that this hike feels like an Island In The Sky as you walk along cliff edges (or you can walk a safer distance in) and see birds flying below you and vista views out for miles. Very incredible and unique hike.


    BALD MOUNTAIN - Kamas Utah
    I had no idea this hike would be as spectacular as it was when I started.  The trail was just beautiful and super unique.  The views along the trail of all the many lakes around Bald Mountain was really fun.  You find yourself constantly counting all the lakes, for different sections of the trail you can see more and more.  I think I counted 12 lakes you could see from the trail.  I think the trail goes past the top, but many stop at the top.  I was surprised at how different the top looked than I expected.  Take a snack and stop and enjoy the views from the top at the end.  

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