Grosvenor Arch in 360 Degrees

Immersive VR360 Grovensor Arc

Grosvenor Arch in 360 Degrees

Grosvenor Arch is 2 sandstone arches, and is enormous at about 150 feet tall and about 100 feet wide.  It is a short easy walking trail, but is a long around 10 mile long drive on dirt roads to get to the parking trailhead area.  Unfortunately when you get done, there is not many other hikes around, so it works as a great hike in the middle of the day when you want to enjoy a drive and not a long hike in the hot sun.  You can pair Grosvenor Arch with a drive through Kodachrome Basin for more beautiful scenic views. 

VR360 Oculus/Facebook Video of Grosvenor Arch and Devil's Garden

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Grosvenor Arch
Grosvenor Arch

Picture showing double arch of Grosvenor Arch
Picture showing double arch of Grosvenor Arch

Information about the hike

  • Hike is short, but there is a long 10 mile long slow going dirt road to travel to get to it.
  • Arch is 150 feet high and about 100 feet wide. 
  • There are nice bathrooms at the trailhead
  • There is a cool view from the back side of the arch that most miss that you should not miss out on.
  • Along the road is beautiful Kodachrome Basin State Park, and is fun to drive through.
  • Great middle of the hot day even to get out of the hot sun and enjoy a scenic drive and short hike. 

2D and 360 Video to Grosvenor Arch. 

Link to 2D Video if you like that better.

2D Video of Grosvenor Arch

Grosvenor Arch
Grosvenor Arch from Below!

I think if you enjoyed this hike, you would also LOVE Tower Arch, Arches National Park.  It is not as crazy busy as the rest of the park, and it is very cool.  The trail can be tricky, so if you are going make sure you download a Gaia Map, and have a external GPS.  There are sandy areas here that they try and mark Cairns for you, but it is simple to get off the trail, for the footsteps get blown away daily.

You can also see all the cool arches I have done 360 at by clicking on LABELS, and then Arches and HooDoos.   

Hiking Heals the soul so get out and do some hiking today!