Upper Provo River Falls Kamas Uintas in 360 Degrees

Upper Provo River Falls Uintas Utah
Upper Provo River Falls Uintas Utah

Upper Provo River Falls Kamas Uintas Utah in 360 Degrees

I love these falls and I call a "MUST PULL OVER" whenever we drive up to Mirror lake.  I just can't drive by and not see these falls. This year we had our trailer, so we opted for pulling over to one of the higher pull outs, and enjoying walking down the Upper Provo River to the Falls.  So my walk started up higher than I usually start and then I headed down.  The trail was about 1 mile long and was beautiful all the way down to the main parking lot. 

If you can't get here today, the second best thing is to transport yourself here virtually.  This video has no motion, so it is safe for any viewer.  Just grab a VR Headset and search "ShaunasAdventures" on OculusTV, or YouTubeVR.   If you have an Oculus, you can also click on my Oculus Portfolio Link, and choose the adventure you are interested in, and it will appear on your Oculus Main Screen. 

2D Trailer Video of Bald Mountain that I did for the above Immersive Version

HINTS for Uintas.
๐Ÿ’šUintas have been hit super hard with the Japanese Pine Beetle, so many get super frustrated with this area that it is so ugly because over half the trees are dead.  If you can look past that, it is still a beautiful area, and I think it films still quite lovely, but some come and can’t see past the depression of so many of the trees being dead.  Know this is the case so you ca be prepare to still find the beauty. 
๐Ÿ’š Bald Mountain Trail is only 4-5 miles long, but the altitude makes it feel longer or harder, so don’t be hard on yourself if you need a break.  Allow yourself the time to not feel rushed and just enjoy the journey. .
๐Ÿ’šMoosehorn lake has beautiful views of Bald mountain, but there is limited parking, so sometimes you just can’t get in to the lake.  In the spring there are Marsh marigolds on both the south side of the lake and the Northwest corner.  In the summer there are fields of a fun variety of wildflowers on the East side and in the north west corner.  You can’t walk around the whole lake here, but there are trails at least 3/4 of the way around. .
๐Ÿ’šLily lake is where the yellow lily flowers are at.  They bloom around Mid July.
๐Ÿ’šMirror Lake has a beautiful trail that goes around the entire lake that is easy to walk.  It has a beautiful campground on the east side.  Is it a busy lake, so if you want serene time here, you must be willing to go for the early mornings or late evenings or in the early spring when it is scary cold.  Sunrise shots are beautiful of Bald Mountajn. Sunsets you can get beautiful photos of Hayden peak from the south East corner. 
๐Ÿ’š Many admire Bald Mountain, but I think Reid’s Peak and Hayden Peak are even more stunning.  There is a trail up to Bald Mountain by Pass Lake that connects with the Bald Mountain, with view of Reid’s Peak on the way up.  Hayden Peak has a parking area to the trail to the top of Hayden Peak that has really beautiful views of Hayden Peak. 
๐Ÿ’š If you are looking for a beautiful spot to get a shot of Reid’s Peak, your spot is at Pass Lake.  Roam around the lake a little and you will find some great spots. 
๐Ÿ’š While your in the Uintas, never forget about Upper Provo River Falls.  No matter how many times you have seen it, it always is a pleasure to visit.  Take time to wander above and below the falls to find about a dozen separate falls.  Tone of the top falls has a great spot you can jump off a tall ledge and into the River. 

360 Video at Upper Provo River Falls
Make sure you rotate around so you can see everything.  Of course the best way to view is in a VR Headset on YouTubeVR - ShaunasAdventures, and it will transport you here. 

Hubby and daughter at Upper Provo River Falls
Hubby and daughter at Upper Provo River Falls

2D Version Walking Down the Upper Provo River Falls 

360 Trail at Rock where some Jump Off into the Upper Provo River

More Video of the Upper Provo River.  Just Click below and it will come up.

360 Trail at Upper Provo River Above the Falls

Video Farther Up the Trail above the Upper Provo Falls where people like to do a mini cliff jump.

Kids Playing in the Upper Provo River above the Falls
Kids Playing in the Upper Provo River above the Falls

360 Trail by Waterfall

Smaller Falls up the Upper Provo River above the larger Falls
Smaller Falls up the Upper Provo River above the larger Falls

Video of Upper Provo River - just click and it will come up.

360 Trail By One of the Many Falls at Upper Provo River Falls

Video of one of the many Falls on the Upper Provo River

Upper Provo River Video 8

Video Standing on a Rock almost right in the middle of the Upper River

Beautiful Upper Provo River Falls
Beautiful Upper Provo River Falls

These stair like structure that the falls run down are so perfectly constructed you would think they were man made works of art...but no the ultimate creator above made these beauty absolutely perfect. 

Video of more of the Waterfalls on the 

If you enjoyed this area and would like to see more, click on this Upper Provo River Falls Link,

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Then click on any blue dot or line where you want to see more.
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