Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell in 360 Degrees

Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell Utah

Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell Utah 

in 360 Degrees

360 Video at Crack Canyon
Remember this is a 360 Video, so make sure you rotate it around.  The best way to view is in a VR Headset using the VR Toggle Button below, or on YouTubeVR, or Oculus TV.

Information about Crack Canyon
  • 5 hours South of SLC - 1 hour min South of Bryce Canyon
  • Great for ages 9 and above.
  • Favorite Slot Canyon because of its uniqueness.   
  • This can be a long 14 mile trail, but I have never gotten past a drop off where it is filled with water.  I always turn around there (about 3 miles). 
  • About 700 feet elevation
  • Easy Hike - Level 2

Crack Canyon in the San Rafael Swell is such a fun diverse slot canyon.  It is so worth the drive down to Southern Utah to see it, but let me give you some hints to have a successful trip.

2D Version of Crack Canyon with Sunrise.


First, while you are at home, search for Crack Canyon Trailhead.  Then at the top left click on the 3 lines and go to offline maps.  Retype in Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell if it doesn't come up and download the map.  Do this for ANY and ALL areas you want to hike in the San Rafael, for when you get there you will not have any service, but if you have a downloaded map your mapping software will still work.  San Rafael is about 30 minutes southwest of Green River West of Goblin Valley State Park.  It is BLM land so there are lots of places to camp, there are some bathrooms in a few spots, and the roads while dirt are not bad dirt roads. 

Second, After you get to the trailhead make sure you save your parking spot.  The trail is super easy to follow and difficult to get lost while you are in the Slot Canyon, but from the Parking area to the start of the slot there are a few roads going different ways, so saving your parking area will help you get back that last little bit.

Third Purchase an EXTERNAL GPS, and GAIA GPS App for your phone.  They are worth it when you are in the back country.

FOURTH  There are a few spots where they are a little tricky getting down.  Don't go down unless you can get back up.  There was a couple that got to one of the spots with the 2 logs and decided they could not get down or up that easily, but there was actually 2 other spots in that area that were easier to get down and up.  If you want to make it to the end of the trail, you might want to take a quick class on using a rope to get up and down a long 10-15 foot drops so you can get into the last 1/8 of the hike.   
 FIFTH - of course take plenty of water!
If you have little ones and want a Scavenger Hunt to help them out, here is a link to a SCAVENGER HUNT, although this trail is so interesting you don't need much to keep kids entertained.

Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell Utah Trail head
Here is what it looks like at the trail head.

The fist part of the trail here is almost this honeycomb look to the  bottom part of these enormous cliff walls. They can be large enough to lay in like a catacomb, and often the small ones connect together behind with the one next to it.  

360 Google Earth Trail at Crack Canyon 


Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell Utah 

If you are big on GPS location, here is a great website with GPS location markers. 

Next you head into some crazy land formations like the ones below.
Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell Utah

Video of Crack Canyon

Above is a VIDEO of a section with a HUGE cliff wall that is just unbelievable, and those overhangs you see in the above picture!

360 Google Earth Trail of Above Area in Crack Canyon

Then you get into these Fabulous Slot Canyons.  You can see all the bumpy surfaces make if to a unique slot canyon.

Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell Utah

Video of the canyon getting Narrower

One of these slots has this great photo op with the crazy unique shape of the slot.  It was super windy this day, and my hair is a total mess, but it still is a super fun picture.

You can see that you go from a bumpy slot to one with more strips and blackish greenish strips.

Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell Utah

The following spots there are a few drop off spots that are a little tough, but the important thing to remember is there is often an easier route down and up than the obvious harder one.  Look around.  In one spot there is a cave that you can climb through to get up a tough climb.  

Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell Utah
Here is another great website on this canyon.
American Southwest's post on Crack canyon

360 Degree Google Earth Trail in Slot Canyon 

Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell Utah
This spot is one that freaks out most people for they think they have to go down those logs, but there is an easier route on the other side of that large boulder.  

This is a section that you think you need to go down and then try and get back out, but it is much easier if you just shimmy around the edge on the left side there.

I have done this canyon twice and can't wait to go back and do it again, but there is this spot below where the drop is a longer drop, and there is no easy way to get back out.  It is also almost always filled with water.  So if you want to go past this spot, you need to make sure you bring rope to get out, and are prepared to get wet, for it is usually waist high water. 
Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell Utah- Where I stopped.

Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell Utah

One of my favorite sections is this one with the big black Vertical Strips going down.  It just connects with me somehow that I just think it is cool.  

On the way out there is a spot that is a little trick to climb out of, but Todd found this cool Cave you can get through this spot if you want.  

Here is a VIDEO of Todd Climbing through the Cave top get out of Crack Canyon. 

If you liked this area, just go to Google Maps, and type in Crack Canyon, Utah, and then check out lots more of my 360 images with the tunnels there. 

Here are links to a SCAVENGER HUNT for Crack Canyon if you would like.  No need to take a pencil, just rip into the square when you find the item!  Good Luck!

Link to Scavenger Hunt For Crack Canyon

Here is a video of dealing with some of the hard Canyoneering parts in Crack Canyon. 

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