HellsBackbone Bridge Escalante Utah in VR 360

Immersive HellsBackbone Ridge in VR 360

HellsBackbone Bridge in VR 360 Degrees
Escalante, Utah

Life can be a rollercoaster of storms and then beautiful serene moments.  This VR 360 Nature Vacation is one of those wild rides.  We start at HellsBackbone Bridge in the Death Box Hollow Wilderness in Utah for some beautiful cliff views and watch an epic storm roll in.  It engulfed us, and we found ourselves surrounded with lightning, and an intense hail storm.  We then head to a bePine Lake that is surrounded by gorgeous red cliffs and pink lily pad flowers.   We move from there to the beautiful Upper Calf Creek Falls and see this beautiful waterfall from above and below, and then to Lake Barker in Dixie National Forest to catch a fish at a new lake making 40 different lakes we have caught at in our 100 lakes 100 fish goal.  Storms seemed to follow us on this adventure. Some storms can bring fear, but in reality this one was an answer to prayers.  Remember He is Good, and He wants to help.  Sending Love and Postive Vibes your way! 
If you have an Oculus, you should try out my Oculus Portfolio Link.  Just click on the place you want to transport to, and it will pop up on your main Oculus Screen.  So easy, and so fun. 

VR 360 Nature Vacation Getaway for VR Headsets to HellsBackbone Ridge, Upper Calf Creek Falls, Pine Lake, and Barker Lake.


Information about this Drive:

  • Bridge is about 4.5 hours South of SLC
  • I especially like the section of the drive from the bridge to Escalante.  I am itching to hike the cool canyons in that Pine Creek Canyon area. 
  • This drive has access to some beautiful lakes in the Boulder Mountains, and the closest one to the Bridge has great fishing if you have a Kayak.  It is called Posey Lake. 
  • Bridge is build over a huge gorgeous canyon that pictures don't do justice.  
  • This drive can go from Boulder all the way to Escalante.  If you drive the whole way, you must realize that the main drive from Escalante to Boulder is EXTREMELY stunning.  Probably my most favorite drive in Utah, so hopefully you can fit both into your drive.
  • The drive is mostly a dirt road, but it is well maintained, so even regular cars can do this drive, but you do need to not speed, for I have seen cars that were going too fast around corners and were surprised by an oncoming car that have slid off the road.  Be smart.  
  • This drive can be paired with a great hike called Upper Calf Creek Falls.  It is only about 2 miles to a gorgeous waterfall, but the turnoff is tricky and a downloaded Google maps would be very smart to get here.  Here is more info on that hike.  

Upper Calf Creek Falls

On our second trip here, we had a funny story.  We were fishing at Barker lake, and the surrounding lakes, and we kept getting major Flash Flood warnings on our phones that had no service. It said until 4pm, so we didn't drive anywhere like it asked and we only had a light sprinkle, so after 4 we headed out towards the sun.  When we arrived at HellsBackbone Bridge, it was beautiful.  The sun was shining, sky was blue, and we had pretty clouds, but it didn't take long for us to start to hear thunder in the distance. It didn't take long before we were engulfed in a storm.  Lightning was coming down all around us.  We decided it was safest for us to hunker down there instead of drive, but being on the top of that ridge with such an epic storm rolling in was a little scary.  We sat in our truck with hail pounding down on our truck (which by the way ruined our paint job), and my hubby joked that we were in a Metal Death Box in Death Box Hollow Wilderness on HellsBackbone Ridge in a Hail storm.  Now can you get a little crazier than that?  If you didn't check out the 360 video make sure you check out the one below.  The shots of the lightning are pretty epic.

2D Trailer for VR 360 Video above.

More info from utah.com

Hells Backbone Bridge

Hells Backbone Bridge- Escalante

Hells Backbone Bridge

Inspirational Message:

Today my Nature Fix has the theme of RESILIENCE.  There has been many studies on success of people/kids, and a leading theory today says that one of the biggest factors in determining success of people is their ability to learn resilience.  Definition of Resilience is the capacity to recovery quickly from difficulties, toughness.  This photo of this tree growing in a crazy hard location has flourished, but the roots have had to really search for life giving water.  May each of us be like this awesome tree, not giving up.  Not dwelling on what you lack, but dig down in your soul and find that source of goodness and just try from today on to be the best version of yourself.  The location of this cool Nature Fix is The Devil’s Backbone Bridge in Escalante, Utah.  Gorgeous drive, and lots of beautiful lakes that can be discovered in the back countries here.

Drone Video at Hells Backbone Bridge

My hubby could not drone here, for it was too windy this day, but I am grateful for TJackSurvival for his great drone shots here.  Beautifully done!

Beautiful Pink Rock Canyon on the right Side of Hells Backbone Bridge.

Overhang Rock over Hells Backbone Canyon

Video Tiny Planet Version

Hells Backbone Canyon

Tree Growing out of Rock in Hells Backbone Canyon

Hells Backbone Canyon