Wire Pass Slot Canyon Utah in 360 Degrees

I found Dobby the House Elf  from Harry Potter Stuck in this Rock!
I found Dobby the House Elf  from Harry Potter Stuck in this Rock! WHAT HAS VOLDEMORT DONE!

Wire Pass Slot Canyon, Utah in 360 Degrees

I LOVE SLOT CANYONS, and Wire Pass Does Not Disappoint!

Can I tell you that I absolutely LOVE Slot Canyons, and this one had a special treat of finding Dobby the House Elf from Harry Potter stuck in the rock right before the entrance! I think God has a little bit of a sense of humor, and loves us to smile and find joy in his creations.  Look around you find something God has made that brings a smile to your face.

 Wire Pass is a shortcut into Buckskin Gulch which is the Longest and Deepest Slot canyon in the Southwest.   Wire Pass is also the entrance into the famous Wave Trail that is so hard to get a permit to enter..  Wire Pass is a beautiful slot canyon, but scares many away for it has a 14 foot drop (Which is kinda two 7 foot drops with how the logs have been placed.)   My husband has a damaged heel that is trying to heal, so dropping a 14 foot drop on a very sore bone that is trying to heal was just not smart for us this day.  We saw many people that managed to overcome the crazy drive to Wire Pass, but also got freaked out with the 14 ft drop and were turning around disappointed.  I later ran into a park ranger, and I asked if there was any way I could donate a natural looking ladder to make this trail more approachable to so many that travel from far to see it. He said he doubted they would allow it, for their is such a push to keep things natural looking.  On the plus side, he said that there has never been an injury reported at this spot so he thought it looks scarier than it is.  There are also many people who take tours into this area, and by making it too user friendly it take away their business.  It gave me hope that it is easier than it looks, or to just pay the money and have a guide help me in.
View of 14 foot drop in Wire Pass into Buckskin Gulch
View of 14 foot drop in Wire Pass into Buckskin Gulch

14 Foot Drop in Wire Pass

Since this first time I went to Buckskin Gulch, they have helped create ways into Buckskin Gulch without traversing this 14 foot drop.  I first saw a picture of a cool wooden ladder they installed when my friends went down in 2021.  This ladder I asw the remnants of up high in the Buckskin Gulch Slot Canyon.  I had to laugh when I saw it.  As of Spring 2022, they had installed another wood ladder and it was working great, but they have also put up signs to help you by pass this route all together.  In fact it is so easy if you wach for the arrows sidetracking you onto a different path, that I saw that someone had gotten a horse down into the Buckskin gulch using that route.   I paired going here with my Sedona Fairyland adventure, and it was a perfect combo, so besides finding Dobby, Fairies, Secret Forest, we found Dragons and Monkeys in the walls here in the Buckskin Gulch that were delightful.  Here is my VR360 Getaway that includes Wire Pass, and Buckskin Gulch, and will show you the ladder that was here.   If you want details of our whole Sedona Roadtrip, here is that link.

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360 Trail in the Wire Pass

Wire Pass - Slot Canyon Entrance into BuckSkin Gulch Slot Canyon
Wire Pass - Slot Canyon Entrance into BuckSkin Gulch Slot Canyon



Buckskin Gulch is one of those items that is so incredible to say, I did that.  It still is on mine, but I will make it happen someday soon.  :)  These 2 fun videos are from a few people who braved it. I have learned from these videos, to 1) Sleep in the parking lot the night before, for the drive in is much more time consuming than you think.  2)  Take Head lights.  When it gets dark in the slot, it gets dark.  3)  Watch your time, and head back with enough time to get out if you did not get a special permit to sleep in the slot canyon.  4)  It would be ideal to be flexible to not go here after there has been rain, for it will make it so you have to walk through a lot of water. Also DEFINITELY do not head in here if there is forecast of rain anywhere North of here that you might deal with flash flood while your inside. 

Awesome Buckskin Gulch Guide by Jerry Arizona.

Website about Bucksking Gulch.  

Another great reference on Buckskin Gulch by Mediocre Amateur

WHITE POCKET--Is it Impossible to Get To?

We went down here not to hike Wire Pass or BuckSkin Gulch, but to actually hike White Pocket, but we got told it was impossible to get to. ( It didn't end up being that hard with the winter making the sand cold and wet, so here is a link to that amazing area.  Check out my blog post for insight to help you get in, and when it is best to brave heading into here.)

White Pocket Utah Arizona

So being temporally detoured off our main plan, we thought we would take a shot at Wire Pass, and the section we saw was beautiful.


Again we headed down to this area to discover White Pocket, but ended up also enjoying the Wire Pass Area.  We started on the House Rock Valley Road  that turns right off US-89 is a spot where US-89 turns and goes across a bridge, and House Rock Valley Road goes straight..  It was January, and their was snow on the ground that was often turning to mud.  There were people on the road that really did not have the tires or vehicle for the road, and I was terrified they were going to slide off the road and down a hill into the river bead.  It felt like the road into this area from the Arizona side was easier than the road from the Utah side.  You want a high clearance vehicle, four wheel drive, and 

Wire Pass Entrance into Buckskin Gulch Utah Arizona Border
Wire Pass

Wire Pass Entrance into Buckskin Gulch Utah Arizona Border
Wire Pass

More 360 Trail in Wire Pass Slot Canyon

Wire Pass Slot Canyon into Buckskin Gulch Utah Arizona Border
Wire Pass Slot Canyon into Buckskin Gulch Utah Arizona Border


Cool Arch Formations in the Walls of the Trail

Beautiful White Tuft Flowers with Red Rocks behind.

There is a little bit of a walk from the Parking Lot to the Slot Canyon. It is on that stretch that I found Dobby stuck in the rock, and on the way back we wandered to the east and found these amazing TeePees.

Click in this link to see my fun adventure finding multiple clusters of TeePees off from the Wire Pass Trail. 

If you have enjoyed this area, and would like to see more, Click on this Google Earth Link, then the little dude in the bottom corner, and then any blue line or dot to see more. 

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