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Island In The Sky Grand View Point Canyonlands, Utah in 360 Degrees

Island In The Sky  Grand View Point Canyonlands, Utah in 360 Degrees  VR360 Oculus Trailer Video If you would like to transport yourself here to enjoy this area virtually, just grab a VR Headset.  For Oculus, click on the menu button and in the top right corner click on the TV button, then type ShaunasAdventures in the search.  You can also find ShaunasAdventures on YouTubeVR, or you can use my Oculus Portfolio Link .   This is a wonderful Nature Therapy to boost the positive chemicals in your body and fight off depression.   YouTubeVR Link I am so used to hiking up mountains and seeing grandeur by looking high above me, that this hike is fabulously different.  You are walking up on the a bluff super high in the air, and looking down on this incredible shape that looks like an enormous footprint from a creature only your nightmares could possibly create.  As you walk along the edge of this crazy

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