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Spirit Arch and Petrogylph Canyon Utah in 360 Degrees

Spirit Arch and Petroglyph Canyon San Rafael Swell, Utah in 360 Degrees We heard this canyon had 3 arches, but then the name is Petroglyph Canyon and Spirit Arch (Double Arch), so we started out the hike wondering does this canyon have 2 or 3 arches?  The Double arch is below and it is nestled on the left side of the area area where the river drops making a waterfall when there is rain. 
360 Google Earth Trail where I first Caught a Glimpse of the Arch.  Can you see it.  You might have to roll you mouse to zoom in to see it just left of the V shape. 

VIEWING GOOGLE EARTH TRAILS WITH VR HEADSETS. I have loved 360 Google Earth Trails, but they are 100 times better with a VR Headset.  I started with just a cheap pair of Google Cardboard ones, but a little bit more expensive one with a remote brings  the trail to life!  It is like you are really there.  YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY IT.  You can get a decent pair for only 30 bucks, or spend $100 on a nice pair of Google Daydream ones (I think you hav…

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