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Little Spotted Wolf Canyon in the Moonshine Tanks Area of the San Rafael Swell

Little Spotted Wolf Canyon in the San Rafael Swell Reef Moonshine Tanks Area 

Every time we drive into the San Rafael Swell, we drive by the Reef, and I just stare at how cool and unique the Reef section of the Swell is.  It is an area of the earth that the Earth's plates pushing against each other has caused  it to lift up out of the ground.   As I stood before the Swell it seriously looks like God stood above and said RISE, and the ground below came right up, and the mountains on the right also rose toward God, and the mountains on the left also rose up to God, and created a masterpiece.
May we also realize that God is telling us to RISE, and if we rise to the challenge he will also make masterpieces out of us and our lives.

Todd did an awesome 360 degree Arial Panorama from his drone above the San Rafael Swell.  It is jaw dropping the view from the air.  How you can literally see layer after layer of the earth that has been tilted on its axis and risen up out of the ground. Make s…

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