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Grand Wash Capitol Reef in 360 Degrees

Grand Wash Capitol Reef in 360 Degrees INFORMATION ABOUT HIKEFabulous Hike, just make sure there is no storm in the forecast. Don't go in if you are threatened with a bad storm. It has killed people.  I would just stop at the Ranger station on the way in, and check if they think it is safe. About 2.2 miles from one end to the other.  If you go out and back it would be 4.4 miles.The hike is pretty flat, so it is easy for anyone. Level 1 HikeThere is something amazing about hiking alongside such massive cliff walls.  It definitely should be a bucket list must for people for it is incredible.  About 4 hours south of SLC Walking through Grand Wash is best done in the morning when it is cool, for the heat can bare down on you later in the day.  It is a hike that is best done at a leisurely pace for there is so much to enjoy and you need time to look up and around.  Stopping in at the rangers station on the way in, is always a great idea, for they will let you know if there is any danger…

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