VR White Ghost 👻😧👻 of San Rafael Immersive 360 VR Suspense Adventure for VR Headsets

White Ghost of San Rafael Immersive VR Suspense Experience

VR White Ghost 👻😧👻 of San Rafael Immersive 360 VR Suspense Adventure for VR Headsets

I hear there is a White Ghost in the San Rafael area, so join me on this fun Immersive adventure searching for the White Ghost of The San Rafael. Why would there be a White Ghost in this area? This area had a huge mining operation, but the chemicals in the mine killed hundreds of the mine workers leaving abandoned homes and mines locked up tight. Leave many to think there are lots of ghosts from that era wandering around here.

This is a fun Video to chase some of these cool place. Locations are listed below. Not sure where to go to find one of these places you want to find in the San Rafael Region, then email me at ShaunasAdventures1@gmail.com and I would be happy to help you find that place. Happy Adventures Friends.

White Ghost of San Rafael VR Suspense

VR 360 Suspense Ghost storytelling immersive scary for VR Headsets #360video #vradventure #virtualreality #ghost #naturelovers This wonderful nature vr video is a wonderful full immersive vr experience, so join me on this lovely vr travel experience with some delightful poetry that inspires and transports you to a magical relaxing land. Definitely a positive mood boost for the soul and senses. Immersive Experience Video, Immersive Enviroment, immersive Videos on Oculus Locations include the Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon and Window, Temple Mount Mine, Moonshine Canyon, the San Rafael Reef, and the White Ghost. 2 Images at the End are Adobe Firefly AI Images with SO many ghosts hiding in the water and rocks. I was amazing to search and try and find them all. Questions at shaunasadventures1 at gmail White Ghost Of SanRafael They say there's a White Ghost in these parts, That gives chills and has scared many of hearts Moonshiners bootlegging their kegs of beer Came up the rise and ran way from fear. Miners from the great but terrible Temple Mount. Was their disappearance on the ghosts account? Did the Little Wild Horse that ran through these slots Go crazy from fear and start seeing spots. I eagerly search for the ghost, but yet My stomach tosses and turns thinking about the threat. Are my eyes seeing a ghost out of nothing? Yes, the mocking face in the rock is something! The hairs on my neck are prickly up Is ghost is watching and ready to jump? Did the ground lift up and eject this ghost Refusing to let it stay inside and be its host? Are those caves in front of me really huge eyes Or are those massive jaws coming up from the rise Quick let's hide in this very narrow crack And hope we will escape any attack Can we find safety in this old mine? Or are closing jaws a tricky design. So many eyes look out from the up on wall Fear creeps in as I hear their spooky call. Let's hide in this cool and unique cave And find the courage to tread on and be brave For I hear it is important to get to the spot ahead. What! That is the white Ghost I shake my head Yes, its scared a many cowboys glowing in the dark But I laugh now that it has lost all its bark.