Immersive Green River Lakes and Wind Rivers Hiking Wyoming 360 VR Getaway

Wind Rivers Wyoming

Wind Rivers Wyoming Immersive 360 VR Getaway

Green Lakes Wyoming

Feeling low and unmotivated? I understand your frustration friend, so I think this video was sent from above for the both of us, for I couldn’t pull off the magic that happened here. Nature came out in abundance, so you have 3 challenges in this video. First, perk up your ears and see if you can hear all the sounds of nature. Second, use those sounds of nature to align yourself with the frequency of your inner self. Third, visualize Square top mountain as your goal and use this video as a catalyst to give you the motivation and belief that you can conquer that goal or make that dream of yours come true. So grab that VRHeadset and let’s get going on this beautiful journey for relaxation and motivation.
Green River Lakes Immersive 360 VR Getaway

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Green River Lakes Motivation Immersive 360 VR Getaway

Information about this area.

When I first saw pictures of this location, I think you could say it sang to me.  I was like, I MUST GO HERE!  But seeing a picture, most times you have no idea if the location was easy or brutally hard to get captured.  I will tell you that this video was super delicious to create, but also EXTRMELY BRUTAL.  Why, well there are so many. I think I might have to make a list.  lol 
  • First, Green River Lakes is not only in the middle of nowhere, but it is also has a 2 hour drive on a rough dirt road.  Make sure if you head here, you stop and fill up on gas before heading up the road from Pinedale, or you might not have enough gas. 
  • Second, there are 2 green river lakes, and upper and lower one, and they are connected with a river.  The hike along the lower green river lake is about 2 miles, but the main trail is way up on the hill and not close to the lake.  I wanted shots down by the river, so I walked along the shore for the first mile.  That meant it was pretty brutal bushwhacking for me following a moose trail, but the shots were so very beautiful that I was loving soaking it in.  I have to admit that a few times I wondered my level of stupidity here, for walking through some of the swampy messes was a recipe for a twisted ankle.  
  • After you get to the end of the first green river, you are so badly wanting a closer and bigger view of Square Top mountain, so it feels like a crime to not keep going. The views along the river are pretty seeing it wind in the valley, but you often loose site of the Square Top mountain and it just pushes you forward to keep going. 
  • When you arrive at the Upper Green River, the views are phenomenal! Take time here to soak in the view and hopefully you are early enough to see some beautiful reflections in lake.  Beware that this location has TONS of mosquitos, so put an extra layer of mosquito repellant as you approach or beware of the swarms. 
  • When I got to upper Green River Lakes, I noticed Kayaks here.  I had kind of hoped to paddle up Green River Lake to the Upper Green River lake, but was not sure if it was possible, so YES it is possible to paddle up to the lake. I was still glad I walked for down by the shore on the Lower Green river lake, I was so bless with so many wildflowers.  If I wasn't going to be crazy and walk the shoreline, then I think paddling up the shore here would be delightful.
  • When I started hiking, I had only planned on just getting to the Upper Green River lake and doing a total of 6 miles, but some hikers cheered me on and told me I really needed to keep going another 1-2 miles to the end of the Upper Green River lake and into a valley for the views there are amazing, so I headed out.  The first section hiking along the Upper Green River are a little disappointing for you rarely get to see the lake, and you loose site of Square Top mountain for such a long time, but hang in there friend, if at the top of the lake you take a detour and get down by the inlet to the lake, it is stunning right there.  I was blown away with how beautiful it was with the incredible view of Square Top Mountain.  It was everything and so much more.  
While I was here I also hiked 13 miles into the Wind Rivers from the South Side.  This was amazing, but I was trying to get to the Cirque and that hike is brutal on a second day hike after Green River Lakes

Hiking to the Cirque in one Day.

Of course if you are going to brave getting all the way to the Cirque in one day, you must leave early.  I started so early and eager. I got up in the dark and got ready, and headed off in the dark only to hear something HUGE in the river right off the trail.  I basically ran back to my car, and found other hikers getting ready to head out.  When they were ready to head out, I followed with them. LOL.  I decided not to be stupid second time in. Of course getting into the meat of the Wind Rivers is the hardes part.  You walk for miles with only ok views, and you hopefully have TONS of sunscreen on to ward off the mosquitos. Things start to really get beautiful at Sandy Lake, and I heard that the views on the right side of the lake were the best.  (Ran out of steam before I got there.)  I got slowly to North Lake, but things start getting exponentially harder once you get to North Lake.  It is huge boulders after huge boulder fields that you have to navigate that when you pair it with the crazy altitude issues in your breathing is rough.  I kept getting told to to take the higher route when the trail splits becasue the lower trail is a beast.  This leaves you with really distant high views that had me a little sad to be so far away.  I was getting super tired and knew I still had 7-9 miles back out before night when the wind started blowing at around 60 mph.  When navigating steep cliff edges and being tired, I decided my view down into the Cirque was just going to have to be enough this time around.  Definitely a Gorgeous area, and super glad I toughed out this very long hike.  My advice...Take more mosquito repellent.  I was silly and thought I had caked it on super thick, but you sweat it off, and it leaves you super rip for the mosquito swarms.  Other that that, the trail was well marked, just turn left after Sandy Lake.  Bring a waterpurifier and lots of Mosquito Repellent!
 Best of luck friends.

So in conclusion, if you want the best views of Green River Lakes, I would suggest being willing to detour off the trail at times, or to Kayak or Paddleboard up the Lakes. Square Top Mountain is such an epic backdrop, but the drive here, and the length of the hike will make you work for the phenomenal views.  If you want to do the day trip into the Cirque, DON'T do a 10 mile hike the day before! LOL

Happy Hiking Friends!