10 Steps To A Life With More Joy

First Step to a Life With More Joy Be Authentic

10 Steps To A Life With More Joy  

I love the book, The Light After Death by Vinnie Tolman of his NDE.

Link to Book Light After Death

In the book, an angel guide teaches him 10 Steps to a Life With More Joy. After reading that book, I found myself drawn to connect every video I found myself chasing to one of the steps of Joy. I was shocked when I found that I had covered 8 of the 10 steps. So here is my playlist that includes advice from my hero and most loved Angel, Angel Drake. So grab a VR Headset and join me on the videos where I have felt I had the most help from above in these incredible Immersive Nature Experience while enjoying the 10 steps of Joy in VR 360 Spherical videography.

Link to 10 Steps to Joy PlayList

#joy #360video #angeladvice #virtualreality #happiness @LivingGodsLight Here are the 10 Steps to Living a Life With More Joy and my videos that parallel them. (Please refer to the Book The Light After Death for my details about each Step. YouTube @LivingGodsLight )

1. Be Authentic ( Scenic Reflections)

2. The Purpose Of Life (My Journey to My Passion and Purpose)

3. Love Everyone ( Vista Views & Craving the Light)

Love Everyone Vista Views Video

Craving Light Video

4. Listen To Your Inner Voice (My Journey To Find Passion and Purpose and The Alchemist)

Listen to Your Inner Voice : The Alchemist

5. Use Technology Responsibility (no inspiration hit me here yet)

6. Release Prejudice ( Flower power and Artistic arches)

7. The Power Of Creation (Geological Wonders)

8. Avoid Negative Influences (no Inspiration yet)

9. The Purpose Of Evil ( The Alchemist)
see above link

10. We are All One ( Vista Views and The Alchemist)

see above links

I have been chasing these 10 steps and have definitely been feeling more Joy in my life.

I have added 1 more of my own.

A. Be Present

I would love to know about your journey if you chase these and how it helps your life.  I know I have been so very bless from them.  
Sending Love,

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