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VR ADVENTURE Paddle Boarding Under Horseshoe Bend

Mood Boost Lake Powell to Grand Canyon 0 VR Getaway

Immersive Paddle Boarding for VR Headsets VR360

Would you be willing to be dropped off with just your paddleboard at the base of the Lake Powell Dam and Paddle Board 15.5 miles to Grand Canyon 0?  Well that is the adventure I took on for this fun VR Getaway, and it was AMAZING! So grab your VRHeadset and enjoy being transported gliding down one of the most beautiful sections of the Colorado River.  Immersive 360 8K VR Video. 
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Paddle Boarding Lake Powell to Grand Canyon

Information about the Journey

  • I took my own paddleboard so I didn't have a 7 hour restriction.  It made it so I got a little discount on this adventure, but only like $20.  If you put your own gear in anywhere by Lake Powell you will have to stop at a cleaning station before you go out again and have it cleaned. 
  • I wanted to paddle closer to the dam to get a shot, but first it is pretty rough paddling up stream here, and second only the tour boats are allowed close to the dam, so if you go, get your shot from the boat quick or it will be gone.  Pay attention to the cool tunnel system and robot carts that are stationed up there. 
  • We had a fun guide that shared cool shapes to watch for in the rocks on the way down.  It was fun to watch for them, but it was such a long list that I forgot which creature went with which thing to watch for on the way down. LOL
  • There are bathroom stops on the sides on the way down.  The first is by some cool petroglyphs.  I think there are at least 2 stops with petroglyphs, but I missed one of them. Nice short stop to get out and stretch the legs and see something cool.
  • You want to always be on the look out for Mountain Goats (White with short horns), Big Horn Sheep (Grey and horns are a wider diameter), and Wild Horses on the way down. 
  • 15.5 miles sounds like an exhausting paddle, but it is down stream so it is not bad. There are times when you get in a back current by the sides and then you just need to get closer to the middle to get going again. 
  • I would recommend going to Horse Shoe Bend before going on this Paddleboarding Adventure.  It makes a huge difference having a visual of how cool where you are looks from above and how many people are up there looking down on you. 
  • I was super anxious about missing Waterhole Canyon so I got out where I though the Google maps was telling me, but there is a Cove just a few more feet up that would have been SOOOO much easier to get out.  I was hauling my paddleboard up a steep shore cliff and it was brutal getting out and in. Waterhole was pretty, but I think I was burnt out of seeing tall red cliff walls after hours of seeing nothing but tall cliff walls. I had to go super slow for filming, so it was already super hot when I did the hike and it made it harder.  The sand was that super fine sand that is hard to walk in, and I just have Chacos, so the hot fine sand was of course always in my sandals. I still thought it was cool, but you can't get to the top section of Waterhole canyon this route. You will have to pay the Indian Guide the $75 to get that shot and do it from the other side. 
  • Sunsets at Lee's Ferry are something really special, so if you are in the area, I would make sure to schedule some time to enjoy that. The cliffs just light up so beautifully. It is lovely. 
  • I would definitely do this adventure again.  It was just so super cool.  I think my VRGetaway here captured the experience pretty well, so if you haven't grabbed a VRHeadset and tried this out, you really should transport here and see how amazing this location is. 
Sending Love and Posiive Vibes You Way! - Shauna

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