Immersive Glacier National Park Insights, Info, and VR 360 Vid

A Love Poem To Glacier National Park

Immersive Glacier National Park 

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We visited Glacier National Park in Summer of 2023, and I have 2 VR Getaways from this area that I am  so excited to share with you. 

The first is my video "A Love Poem to Glacier National Park"  Probably one of my favorite Videos I have ever create.  This video spotlight the wonderful poem by Andrew S Williams totally captures the feeling you get at Glacier National Park. 

A Love Poem to Glacier National Park

The second is an Immersive 360 VR Getaway is to Many Glacier Hotel and the Boat Ride from there to the Grinnell Glacier Lake. This was a beautiful and well loved adventure. My hints are the following about this area. First, the boar ride sells out months in advance.  If you are like me, and didn't schedule months before,  the hint is to wake up early and get in line around 7:30 to get on the back up list for anyone who doesn't show up.  If you are first in line, you have a decent chance of getting on a boat that day.  If that doesn't work, there are also boats at 2 other lakes in Glacier National Park that you can enjoy instead. I enjoyed Many Glacier area of Glacier Park more than the main Glacier National Park.  Less crowded, less fire damage, and still stunningly beautiful. July is the best time to go to Glacier, for you can be sure that all the trails will be open, but you also then put yourself in the case of being there when the crowds come and it gets VERY crowded.  We chose to beat the rush and went at the end of June, but that meant we paid a price.  The Grinnell Glacier trail was closed past the lake, and the Highland trail was also closed.  We also had a crazy variety of weather.  We had rain, snow, hail, 70mph winds, and then also had sun and clouds, and beautiful moments also.  It made it entertaining, but I was also one of the many who visited the Glacier NP Store and grabbed another sweatshirt and hat because I was SO cold.  If you want to know the places we visited in Glacier, head to the bottom for a nice Google Map List so you can flag the places you would like to also enjoy! 

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Hints To Glacier National Park

  • Like all National Parks, get there early.
  • We received advice to just pull off at every pull out and explore around.  This ended up being fantastic advice, for there were lots of little treasures we found at so many of the pull offs. 
  • We chased waterfalls in Montana and Glacier, and it made it super fun to chase those in Glacier, for they were gorgeous there.  Of course we still hit all the lakes we could hit, but definitely make sure you hit as many waterfalls as your feet can handle!  
  • Taking advantage of the boats to cut down on the massive amount of hiking that is available in Glacier was really nice. 
  • When we first starting planning this trip, we had it paired with Banff, but Todd not having as many vacation days as me, we had to make a choice.  Do we really just enjoy Glacier for a whole week or run ragged driving so many miles.  Of course we picked to just really enjoy Glacier. I was glad we scheduled a good 4 days in Glacier, for there was so much to see. 
  • We found that the visitors center in the East side of Glacier Park had a really delightful restaurant that we visited multiple times, and as a bonus you could pay $7 and enjoy a nice shower. They also have showers available that you can buy at The Many Glacier Campground.  I am not sure we have every done a 10 day road trip in our truck and enjoyed so many real showers. It was great! 
  • Of course, make sure you have that bear spray with you!  As you will see on the video coming up, we had a few close encounters with bears.  They usually stay away from people, but you have got to be prepared for those corners you go around and startle a bear. 

Grab a VRHeadset and search “VRGetaway” to be above it all with some of the most spectacular immersive Views at Glacier National Park for a Positive Boost from Nature.