An EPIC VR Adventure to Paddle Board Lake Powell Immersive VR 360 Getaway for Relaxation and Positive Boost

An EPIC VR Adventure to Antelope Canyon Immersive 360 VRGetaway

An EPIC VR Adventures Paddleboarding Lake Powell

Immersive VR 360 Getaway for Relaxation and Positive Boost

This VR Adventure has it all…amazing scenery, gorgeous reflections, adventurous hiking, a stunning slot canyon, beautiful glassy water, and stunning cliffs.  I couldn’t possibly have asked for a more beautiful visit here.  So grab that VR Headset and join me on this fantastic Immersive VR 360 adventure you are sure to love! 

For those who want to know more about this adventure, you start at the Antelope Point Boat ramp, and the first mile is the hardest, for you have to conquer the big waves bouncing off the cliff walls on both sides of you, and some of the boats that come by are massive,, but I managed to get 2 shots here that weren’t too bad. Then you get a lovely treat of the narrow antelope canyon that is a wakeless zone for boats, so it can be quite beautiful if you get there early enough like I did.  Then you can hike the lower Antelope slot canyon, that is one adventurous challenge after another, but none of the challenges were too bad, so it is just a fun nature obstacle course.

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Epic Antelope Canyon Lake Powell Immersive 360 VR Getaway

Information about this area.

  • You can head here and book an excursion with a company (Ken's Tours is an option), but the disadvantages are that they will often take large groups a little later in the morning.  They also won't go too far into the slot canyon. Also because it is later in the day, you will deal with much bigger waves in the main Lake Powell channel.  This means that many of the people end up with tipped kayaks and have to figure out how to get back in. It also means that you will miss the beautiful reflections in the water in this area.
  • I started at sunrise and used my own paddleboard.  I think I was in the parking lot of Antelope Boat Ramp at around 5. After I got sunscreen on, everything in my backpack waterproofed, and my backpack securely attached to my paddleboard, I was off.  At the ramp, you are heading to the left. I only dealt with one boat in the main channel that early, but is was a HUGE house boat, towing another big boat, so the waves were big and they bounce off the cliff walls.  That makes it so you have waves coming at both directions.   I was super glad that I went early and didn't have to deal with too many of those big boats. This section is about 1 mile. 
  • It didn't take that long after I was in the wakeless zone in Antelope Canyon to start enjoying those gorgeous reflections you see in the video.   This is a 2 mile section of paddling and so very lovely.  I was there so early that I got it all to my lovely self, no boat noise, no laughing kids, just quiet and gorgeous reflections.
  • After paddling those 3 miles you park your kayak or paddleboard and start hiking.  I think I made it 2 miles up Antelope Canyon before hitting a dead end. I was looking for the famous picture, and I am not sure if it is in the Upper section of Antelope, or if it is a deceiving picture.  I heard someone say that their guy took them in a spot and said shoot right here.  I think it is between a fallen rock and the slot wall, and not really a representation of what the slot looks like.  I did enjoy the adventure nature of the hike.  Lots of fun bouldering that was not that hard if you looked around for the easiest routes like I did.
  • My silly ending on this, is that on my way back, I was not thrilled about paddling through the main channel, for I was hearing about all the people that got flipped that were coming in.   SOOOO, I cheated.  I found a boat heading down, and kindly asked if I could pay them $20 to take me back to the dock.  They gladly agreed. I was quite proud of myself until I realized they were going to just drop me off at a tire dock.  Honestly, I think it was harder relaunching from the boat on my paddleboard to finish that last section, then it would have been to deal with the waves, but I was curious if I could do it, and I did.  

If you are a Paddleboard lover and in the Lake Powell area, another Adventure you should do is paddleboarding at Lee's Ferry.  I went with a company called Kayak Horseshoe Bend, but there is also another company there in Lee's Ferry.  You pay between $70-$100 and they will take you up on a boat to the base of Glen Canyon Dam.  You get dropped off their with your paddle board or a kayak, and you float down 15.5 miles back to Lee's Ferry which is Grand Canyon 0.  It is honestly paddling from Lake Powell to the Grand Canyon.  There are place to pull off and see petroglyphs, and you can pull off and hike Water hole Canyon, and off course pull off and enjoy a lunch at the base of Horseshoe bend.  You will want to watch for the mountain goats and big horn sheep along the way, watch for cool animals carved into the cliff walls, and the wild horses along the way.  A definite grand adventures that you are guarenteed to love.  Transport here using your VR Headset for an Immersive experience of this adventure. 

Anyway, this is a great adventure.  I am looking forward to doing it again!  Happy Paddle Boarding Friends!