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Would You Rather Hike or Storm at Death Box Hollow?
Would You Rather Hike or Storm at Death Box Hollow? VR Getaway

Today we are playing Would You Rather. Would you rather be caught in a flash flood terrifying storm on Hell’s Backbone Bridge in Death Box Hollow, OR would you rather hike the edge of the Death Box Hollow Wilderness in the hot Summer? You will have to watch to see which one I would choose, but I will tell you at least this, both are TERRIFYING, so grab your VR Headset to see why Death Box Hollow got its name.

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Information about this area.

  • I think boulder mail trail might be one of the hardest hikes I have done if you do it in the summer.  It is just brutal. You are dealing with a trail that is hard to follow, or sandy trail that is hard to walk in, or extremely steep slickrock.  It was super cool, but I definitely was not prepared for what kind of hike it was and what I was in for. If you go, just make sure it is a cool day, and make sure you have a water filter, and make sure you have a downloaded trail.  
  • Death Box Hollow view over Hell's Backbone Bridge is always stunning.  I love the views here.  It is quite the out of the way drive to get to it, but I think it is worth it. Being able to be here for this epic storm was terrifying and amazing all in one.  

Sand Dunes or Caves? Would You Rather - Hike or Ride? ❤ ⁇  - Immersive VR Experience

So it is time for round 2 of Would You Rather.  Would you rather hike Sand Caves, or Ride the Sand Dunes?   Both sound super cool, but are they really?  Well grab a VR Headset and Immersive yourself in this VR adventures to decide for yourself which you would prefer.  I would love to know which one you would choose!
Special Thanks to @fischer-webb for the awesome ATV ride in the beautiful Coral Pink Sand Dunes. 

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Hanging Lake or Rising Waters? Would You Rather...

This Would You Rather is Hanging Lake Colorado versus the Rising Waters of Glenwood Springs.  Both Amazing... Which would you choose?

Super fun to make the choice of which you would prefer, especially in immersive VR 360 to experience both. More of these to come!