VR Collections to Inspire Your Next Adventure

VR Collections to Inspire Your Adventures

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Want some inspiration on what adventure to chase? 

Well these are some of my VR Collections.  The cool thing about these, is that at the bottom they are labeled where they were taken, so you can enjoy and when you find a location you want to enjoy, then you can chase finding more information about that place.  My general advice for all adventures, is to download maps before you head in, for many of my locations do not have service.  Also make sure you have plenty of food and water, your pepper spray, and I always have an external battery or two so I can chanrge my phone.   Lastly, if the trail gets a little confusing EVEN A LITTLE BIT, you start recording on Gaia.  Then you can backtrack your trail back out. Best of luck on your adventures friends!

If there is ever a view I have not labeled and you want to know where it is, just email me at shaunasadventures1@gmail.com, and I would be happy to tell you where it is, and answer any questions for you. 

First is my collection of favorite Rocky Mountain Views. 

This has epic places from Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.  All Spectacular! 

Link to Rocky Mountain High

Link to my Oculus Portfolio 

Second Is My Favorite Waterfall Collection.  

If you are a lover of Waterfalls, this is fantastic collection to help you find more to chase.  Remember the locations are labeled at the bottom of the video. 

Favorite Righteous Roads Collection VR Adventure

Third Is My Favorite Righteous Roads

There is nothing better than enjoying a pretty road with epic views. This collection has a bounty of those roads to give you some amazing places to chase and discover. Remember locations are at the bottom, and you are always welcome to email me at shaunasadventures1@gmail.com if you have any quesitons. 

Fourth is My Collection of Locations with the Most Fabulous Colors.  

Want to be dazzled by views that have breathtaking color that just wow you and fill you with awe.  Well this is a fantastic collection of just that.  Remember the locations are at the bottom of the video, and I am happy to help you if you need help.  Just email me at shaunasadventures1@gmail.com with any questions. 

Fifth is My Collection of Calming Canyons.  

Do you love that feeling of sitting on the edge of an epic canyon, or walking between 2 huge cliff walls.  Well this Collection of my favorite Canyons is going to knock your socks off.  It is a fabulous collection of places that you will want to sit down and soak in those views. 

Sixth Is My Collection of My Favorite Quaint Towns

There is something magical about finding a town that is homey and inviting that you just want to wander around for hours.  Well this is a collection of my 5 Favorite Quaint Towns to let you enjoy just that experience. 

Seventh is my Collection of My Favorite Artistic Arches

When you stumble upon an arch that is such a beautiful piece of art, it is priceless!  This collection has some of the most amazing arches I have come across in my thousands of miles of hiking. There will definitely be many you will want to chase.  Remember they are all labeled at the bottom, and you are always welcome to email me at shaunasadventures1@gmail.com for questions.

Eigth is My Collection of Favorite HooDoos

Hoodoos are so very incredible pieces of nature! The more of them I find, the more I want to chase them even more.  Some of these might not be labeled, but the best concentration of Hoodoos in Utah are wandering between the ToadStool Hike, and the WahWeep HooDoo Trail.  The White Valley, Blue Valley, and Shafer Canyon Trail are where some of the other ones are at.  We found many using Google Maps.

This collection has taken be about 4 years to create and find all these places, so hopefully it will give you a bounty of places to chase and keep you smiling for a very long time!  
Sending Love,