Three Falls Trail Alpine Utah

3 Falls Trail Alpine Utah

Today I went up to one of my favorite waterfalls, but the parking lot was packed so I ran away.  I really am still trying to avoid crowds.  I decided to try and find this waterfall that has stumped me for awhile.  This is a funny location, for they are building new mansions here, and they really DON'T want you anywhere near this whole area, or discovering this hike.  They have signs everywhere for No Hikers allowed, No Walkers allowed.  It is crazy, and it made me a little frustrated for I was having such trouble finding info on this hike. It felt like they were blocking any access to it because they were rich. Well I finally found the answer, and there is a new parking lot that is quite a distance from the waterfalls and you have to walk probably 2 miles to the first waterfall, when they are literally right off the road, but at least they gave me access.  On the positive, the walk up the 2 miles to the waterfalls is beautiful with so many lovely wildflowers that it made all my frustrations go away.  The Pin to the Location is below. It might be working on Mapping software now, but at the time I was looking for the trail, the mapping software was taking me to the wrong location.  

Immersive VR Headset Version to Transport you to Three Falls.  Just Grab a VR Headset and Search ShaunasAdventures on OculusTV or YouTubeVR. 

Second Set of Falls on the Three Falls Trail
Second Set of Waterfalls on the Three Falls Trail

When I first discovered Three Falls, I have to admit I got a little frustrated. I knew the trail was right there behind the huge mansions, but the signs on the roads had big "No Hikers" allowed on it. When I discovered the trail, I found that it was a parking lot that created a 7 mile trail to a waterfall that is just off the side of the road. As I was hiking this time on this trail, the analogy of the similarity of my reaction the first time and Corrie Tennie Boom reaction about the flea infested bunk house they were supposed to sleep in. I choose today to be like the sister and see the good. The sister saw the flea infested bunk house as an opportunity to keep the guards away any be able to share the good word of the man upstairs. I choose to see the 7 mile trail for all it's amazing beauty and be grateful.I got the chance to enjoy such a bounty of wildflowers. I think when I hike this trail in June, it is one of my top 5 favorite wildflower trails, and if I would not have been forced to take the journey, I would not have the pleasure of how amazing that journey is. I think life is often like this. We make choices each day to embrace anger, or instead try and see the good and find empathy. I know life can be hard, but hopefully this VR Nature Vacation Getaway can help you relax and breathe a little deeper, and remember that He is Good. Remember to look up. He wants to help. Sending positive vibes and love your way. -Shauna
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First set of Falls on the Three Falls Trail
First set of Falls on the Three Falls Trail

2D Video taken with my 360 camera of the Second Falls on the Three Falls Trail.


I have a love for the Lone Peak Wilderness Area.  I love the white rocks contrasting with the green, and this trail walked parallel to those gorgeous mountains for a good deal of the trail, and I loved looking at them! 

Lone Peak Mountain Range
Lone Peak Mountain Range
Information on the Trail
  • Make sure you park at the Public Trail head Parking I gave the link to below, for they really hate hikers in the neighborhood.
  • When the trail comes to a road, it is just crossing the road straight across.
  • Trail is 8 mile out and back trail with about 1280 ft elevation gain.  
  • Trail is appropriate for kids 8 and up if they can conquer the distance.  Nothing hard about this trail.  It is listed as Moderate, but that is just for length unless you are not being safe wandering around the waterfalls.  
  • There are 3 sets of waterfalls if you do the whole thing.  Some think it is called Three Falls, for the first one has 3 tiers, but there really is 3 separate waterfalls if you go the distance.
  • There are signs on the trail closer to the falls.  Sometimes the trail splits off and there is 2 trails.  The one will say Three Falls, and the other will say something comical about Bodily Harm, and other crazy phrases.  They are a little funny. 
  • Because there is such a limited parking here, I would suggest going early, for it will not accommodate many hikers on the trail. 
The below is a recording of my trail, and you can see how it zig zags all along the mountain and then crosses the road up close to the end. 

Video of the First Set of Waterfalls you come to first on the Three Falls Trail.

2D Trailer for Immersive VR 360 Getaway to Three Falls & Poppy Field

I went the first week in June, and there was an abundant amount of wildflowers. It was wonderful!  

Beautiful Bright Yellow Wildflowers with Lone Peak Mountains Behind
Beautiful Bright Yellow Wildflowers with Lone Peak Mountains Behind

Beautiful Purple Flowers with the Alpine Mountains in the Background.
Beautiful Purple Flowers with the Alpine Mountains in the Background.

So many wildflowers!  I was in heaven.

Instructions for the Three Falls Trail

Parking Lot and Trail Head for 3 Falls Trail Alpine Utah
Parking Lot and Trail Head for 3 Falls Trail Alpine Utah

Here is the GPS Location of this Trail Head Parking Lot.  Remember when you see the gate house, turn right and the parking lot will be on your left.

Trail Sign and Bodily Harm Sign :)
Trail Sign and Bodily Harm Sign :)
I had to just laugh when I came to this spot.  The one sign said Three Trails, and the other said Bodily Harm.  So Funny!  

There is 2 times, you come to the roads on the trail.  Just cross right over the road, and the trail continues on the other side of the road.

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