Favorite Waterfalls in Utah in 360 Degrees

Favorite Waterfalls in Utah in 360 Degrees

Utah has such a fun variety of waterfalls.  I have been on a quest to see as many waterfalls in Utah as I can while the water is high, and my adventures have brought me to see some amazing waterfalls so far this year. I would love to share my discoveries with you.   Here are some of my favorites and why.

1. Scout Falls, American Fork Canyon

(Picture Above)

  • 1.75 hours South of SLC - American Fork Canyon
  • about 4.4 mile round trip
  • About 1100 feet elevation gain
  • Takes about 3 hours
  • Moderate Level - Probably level 2
  • Suitable for ages 6 and above (Getting around the tree at the end though might be tough for little ones to get close, but you could see pretty good before going right up to the falls.) If you are wanting to get right up to the falls, it might be better to be 11 and above.)
This falls is one that you have to catch in a small window between June 1 when the road opens, and before summer heat decreases this falls to be not as spectacular.  Scout Falls is just the Timpanogas mountain trail from the parking lot just through the Timpanokee Campground, but then it splits off to view the falls.  I think these falls are spectacular. I like that you get to enjoy such scenic view of Mount Timpanogas on the way up.  I like that this is like a 3 in one waterfall that are all falling parallel to each other.  I like that it feels like an even grander waterfall, for it is a very steep river  for a long ways down that quite the site to see. Definitely a favorite of mine. Click on this link to learn more and see this area in 360 Degrees.  

Link to Scout Falls

360 Trail at Scout Falls


2. Kannarraville Slot Canyon Waterfall

Kanarraville Waterfall Slot Canyon Utah
  • 3.6 hours South of SLC - Close to Cedar City, Utah
  • about 4.3 mile round trip
  • About 734 feet elevation gain
  • Takes about 3-4 hours
  • Moderate Level - Probably level 3
  • Suitable for ages 9 and above.
This trail has so many WOW moments that it is totally worth the  $8 a person charge to do this canyon.  After you get past the first 1.5 miles, the trail is constantly crossing across the stream.  This makes it really rough if it is still cold outside, for you will be miserable with cold wet feet if you do not have waterproof socks, but it gets into amazing slot canyons pretty quickly.  After a while of constantly crossing back and forth across the river, the option to keep crossing is gone, and you have to just walk up the river in the slot to get to the 2 big waterfalls.  This is why summer is probably best for this canyon.  The waterfalls and the slots are just incredible.  To see this area in 360 Degrees, click on this link.
Kanarraville Waterfall

360 Trail Right before the Second of the 2 Waterfalls Kanarraville


3. Upper Provo River Falls Kamas, Utah

  • 65 min East of SLC
  • about 1.5- 2 mile round trip
  • About 350 ft elevation gain
  • Takes about 1 hours
  • Easy Level - Probably level 2
  • Suitable for ages 6 and above.

360 Trail By One of the Many Falls at Upper Provo River Falls

This falls East of Kamas is a favorite of mine.  This first one is right off the parking lot, but if you walk up the trail you will find more falls up higher.  There are spots to do a low level cliff jump, and spots where you can get quite close to the falls.  In the late summer when the falls are not exploding with lots of water, some get in the water and even under a waterfall.  Beautiful hike. Click Here to see this area in 360 Degrees.

4. Waterfall at Lake Blanche 

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Lake Blanche Waterfall - Big Cottonwood Canyon
  • 30 min East of SLC
  • about 7.5 mile round trip
  • About 2700 ft elevation gain
  • Takes about 3-4 hours
  • Moderate to Hard Level - Probably level 3 (Just because of elevation and length.)
  • Suitable for ages 12 and above.
Lake Blanche it is such a victory to get to, for you have 3 lakes, and a waterfall all hidden up there.  The hike is beautiful.  In the fall there are some beautiful colors.  In the late spring early summer there is a section of gorgeous yellow arrowroot flowers that goes on for a nice long stretch.  The waterfall is between Lake Blanche and Lake Florence and is definitely worth the extra effort to get to that side of the lake and see it.
Link to Lake Blanche Post in 360 Degrees
Link to Lake Blanche


5. Horse Tail Falls Alpine, Utah

  • 46 min South East of SLC
  • about 4.5-5 mile round trip
  • About 1617 ft elevation gain
  • Takes about 2.5-3 hours
  • Moderate to Hard Level - Probably level 3-4
  • Suitable for ages 6 and above.

If it wasn't so scary to get down to see the waterfalls here, I think I would have placed this falls even higher.  If  you don't cross to the North Side of the Trail it might be easier to get down to the Waterfall, but then the trail is not as pretty as the North side of the river and I probably would rank this down much lower.  The North side stays pretty close to the river, and the river is REALLY beautiful, so just enjoying the river and not getting close to Horse Tail Falls would still be a wonderful hike.   I think the North side all the way to next to the Waterfall this is a hard hike maybe even up to a level 4, for I have gotten lost trying to get out from the waterfall and back on the trail, Every time I go I can't seem to find the same trail out to the waterfall and we end up in different spots so the trail is really hard to identify,  and it is a little stressful getting down to the waterfall.  If you don't care about getting close to the falls and you stay on a really defined trail, this stays a pretty moderate hike, and is only a level 2 or 3.

Link to HorseTail Falls 

6. Grove Creek Falls  

 Pleasant Grove, Utah 

  • 35 min south of SLC
  • 4.5 mile round trip
  • About 1,700 elevation gain
  • Takes about 2 hours
  • Moderate Level - Probably level 3
  • Suitable for ages 12 and above.

I love this one, because there is so many waterfalls ( I believe 2- 4 tier waterfalls, a V waterfall, and sometime there is a waterfall from a spring.) .  Some of them take paying attention to see, but you definitely want to make it to the bridge so you can have a chance to catch them all.  I love this hike, for it feels like the perfect length for a workout (not too long, not too short, and steep enough to get some exercise. Check it out in 360 Degrees here.
Link to Grove Creek Waterfall


7. Upper Calf Creek Falls Escalante 

When I researched the question should I do Upper or Lower Calf Creek Falls, I was recommended Upper.  The reason is that this hike is less trafficked, shorter, more interesting trail, no poison ivy like the other, and the end views are similar.  I was all game.  You do have to really follow the Cairns though.  If I went back I would definitely have a downloaded map, and an external GPS.  I am quite good at following Cairns, and I thought I was watching carefully, but I got way off the trail fast I think by false Cairns kids built.  I knew the general direction of my car for it is just towards the mountain, BUT not being able to follow the Cairns made it so I had an unsafe hike back to my car.  It shouldn't be a problem, but if I would have have an external GPS, and a downloaded map, I would never have had any problems at all.

Link to Upper Calf Creek Falls

  • About 5 hours south of SLC
  • About 2 mile round trip
  • About 600 feet elevation gain
  • Takes about 2 hours
  • Moderate Level - Probably level 2
  • Suitable for ages 9 and above.



Base of Little Cottonwood Canyon

  • 30 min south east of SLC
  • 4.6 mile round trip
  • About 1,453 elevation gain
  • Takes about 2.5-3 hours
  • Moderate Level - Probably Level 3 
  • Suitable for ages 12 and above.

360  Trail at Bell Canyon Waterfall

I love the views of the Granite Mountains in Little Cottonwood Canyon here. I like the stream and the cute bridges that are really nicely maintained.  The hike is beautiful and fun in the winter as long as you have spikes and poles, otherwise it can be miserable.  The falls here are fun, and you get pretty close to the falls, although the trail gets a little sketchy as you get close to the falls.  If you want to see this area in 360 degrees, click on this link.
Link for Bells Canyon Waterfall in the Winter
Bells Canyon Waterfall in Winter

Link for Bells Canyon Waterfall In the Spring
Bells Canyon Waterfall - Spring


9.  GRAND FALLS (Just across Utah border in Arizona)

Grand Falls - Arizona in Spring
Grand Falls - Arizona in Spring

I know it is not officially in Utah, and you really should approach this from the Arizona side, but if you are driving from Arizona to Utah in the Spring it would be crazy to miss this waterfall.

  • Only great in the Spring
  • Access to North side on a painfully long Indian road.  You want to get directions from the South Side.  That is also were the trail is to the base. 
  • To find the trail on the south side you need to walk west of the falls a ways, and then it gradually works its way down to the base of the Waterfall. 
  • Make sure you download your Google Map before heading it.  You are heading into Native American country with no signs.

Grand Falls Arizona


Pleasant Grove, Utah

  • 35 min South East of SLC
  • About 2 miles up to see most the waterfalls, then 2 miles back.  
  • About 1,400 feet elevation gain.
  • Takes about 2 hours
  • Moderate Level - Probably Level 2-3
  • Suitable for ages 6 and above.

360 Google Earth Trail at the big falls in Battle Creek canyon. 

This is another canyon that is just filled with waterfalls.  If has the big beautiful one above, but the trail keeps going, and there are more waterfalls up higher.  I made a scavenger hunt to find the waterfalls to help make this hike even more enjoyable for younger kids.  I like this canyon, for you are quite close to the river, so you get to be right up next to the waterfalls.  


11. Silver Lake Waterfall 

American Fork Canyon

  • About 1 hour South East of SLC
  • About 5-6 miles   
  • About 1,400 feet elevation gain.
  • Takes about 3 hours
  • Moderate Level - Level 3
  • Suitable for ages 8 and above.
Most people hike this to enjoy the beautiful lake, but the waterfall dropping over the natural dam and falling over the white granite rocks is also impressive.  This hike also has a beautiful river, and wildflowers.  You can also go from here up further to Silver Lake Glance to see really beautiful scenic vistas of the lake and of granite cliffs.
Link to Silver Lake Hike up American Fork Canyon with Waterfall
Link To Silver Lake Waterfall 

12. Willis Creek Slot Canyon Waterfall

  • About 5 hours South of SLC near Cannonville, Utah
  • About 5 miles.  
  • About 816 feet elevation gain.
  • Takes about 2 hours
  • Easy Level - Probably Level 1- 2
  • Suitable for all ages.

I love this hike because it is amazing, and has less traffic than most slot canyons, but is definitely as impressive.  The only reason I put this one down lower is because the waterfall is not that grand, so if your looking for waterfalls, this has one, just not an amazing one.  I still promise you though that you will love this hike if you can conquer the dirt road in to get to the trail. Click on the link if you want to see more of this area. 



 Little Cottonwood Canyon

  • 35 min South East of SLC
  • Only 0.3 miles .  
  • About 121 feet elevation gain.
  • Takes about 15 minutes.
  • Easy Level - Level 1
  • Suitable for ALL ages.
This super unique waterfall runs along the most beautiful slabs of white granite.  It falls, and then does a sharp turn before falling the rest of the way down.  It is breathtakingly beautiful.  Super easy.  I like to pair it with the hike below and Gate Buttress Hike for they all are really short, but all so worth seeing. Click here to see this area in 360 degrees.
 Lisa Falls and Gate Buttress


14. Cascade Falls

by Cedar City Utah  

  • 4.5 hours South of SLC,  55 min SE of Cedar City, 
  • 1.2 miles 
  • About 121 feet elevation gain.
  • Takes about 15 minutes.
  • Easy Level - Level 1
  • Suitable for ALL ages.

I paired this with the Flower Festival at Cedar Breaks, and then the Kanarraville Slot Canyon Waterfall Hike.  I loved them all.  I thought this would be just an OK hike, but I really loved the views with the red rocks and the green pine trees.  You can only see the top of the waterfall, but the whole hike is really nice, and the fact that this waterfall comes out from a lava tube from a lake that is miles away it fascinating.


15.  Stewart Falls 

by Sundance Ski Resort 

  • 1 hours South East of SLC,  up Provo Canyon towards Sundance 
  • 3.4 miles 
  • About 650 feet elevation gain.
  • Takes about 2-2.5 hours.
  • Moderate Level - Level 2
  • Suitable for ages 6 and above.

Stewart Falls is also one that catching it at the right time of year is a make or break.  I have hiked this in early spring hoping to catch a magnificent waterfall, and it was not pretty yet, but I have also gone up here in the early summer and it has been beautiful.  This falls is really spectacular from a drone so you can see what is above the lowest waterfall that is really amazing. 

 Check out this drone video below done by Adam Young. 


16. Rocky Mouth Falls 

Sandy, Utah

  • 30 min SE of SLC
  • Short 1 mile hike
  • 282 Elevation Gain
  • Takes less than an hour.
  • Easy Hike - Level 1
  • Suitable for ALL ages.

Cool unique waterfall nestled in a cove.  A little strange to have some of the hike through a neighborhood, but the trail sections are very nice.  The stream is pretty, and the waterfall really nice.  I only wished it was longer, so paring it with Lisa Falls is perfect for they are both short, and they are close together.  To check this area out in 360 Degrees, clik on this link?

Video of Rocky Mouth Falls Sandy Utah


 17. Upper Falls Waterfall 

Provo Canyon

  • 40 min South of SLC
  • 0.6 mile hike  
  • 560 feet Elevation Gain
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up
  • Takes about 1 hour 
  • Easy to Moderate Hike - Level 2 . It is nice and short, but it is lots of boulders that would be hard on tiny kids, or elderly.

Hikes around the Cascade Mountains is destined to be beautiful for the cliffs and mountain are gorgeous and super unique.  This short hike up Provo Canyon is not long, but if you are looking for longer, it is easy to pair it with Provo River Parkway Trail.  The trail is easy except for the boulders, and the waterfall is often overlooked by Bridal Veil, but is still a very pretty fall that is definitely worth the journey.


18.  Fifth Water Hot Springs and Waterfall 

Spanish Fork

  • 1.5 hours SE of SLC
  • 4.5 mile hike
  • 636 feet Elevation Gain
  • About 3 hours.
  • Easy- Moderate Hike - Level 2
  • Suitable for ages 7 and above.
This is an awesome green time adventure for kids. Especially if you go on a weekday when it is not so crowded.  They are very cruel in this canyon and will ticket cars even if you are in a spot with no signs, so go early or not on a weekend.  The tubs are a fun reward at the end for kids to splash in the warm water and hang out under the waterfall.  It feels magical for kids for it is so unique and fun.  Great hike to do as a family. 
Fifth Water Hot Springs and Waterfall


19. Lost Creek Falls

 Provo Canyon 

Found out there is a larger falls up further that I could not get up to in the Winter.  Go a little further past this for an even more impressive waterfall.

  • 40 min South of SLC
  • 3.3 mile hike.  1,404 foot elevation gain.  Pretty steep trail, crosses river a few times.  
  • Suitable for kids 11 and older. 
  • Takes about 2 hours
  • Moderate Hike - Probably level 3.

The first part of this hike is pretty straight up for a while.  In the summer, I would image needing breaks and water.  The views of Cascade and Bridal Veil Falls are really amazing.  Make sure you go past the spot I have above for an even better waterfall.  Click here to see more of this area in 360 degrees.



Provo Canyon

There are 2 trails to view Bridal Veil.  The lower falls gets to the base of the falls. Short very easy trail.  The Lower section of Lost Creek Falls is across the Provo Canyon Road and has Spectacular Views of the Falls.  If you come to see these falls, you should do both trails, for they are both such different views of the falls.  Click here to see this area in 360 Degrees.

  • 40 min South of SLC
  • 1 mile hike  
  • Suitable for all Ages
  • Takes  less than 1 hour for Lower and less than 1 hour for Upper View
  • Easy Hike - Level 1.


20.   Lower Falls in Provo Canyon

There is also a Lower Falls in Provo Falls just down from Upper Falls and Bridal Veil Falls that I am not quite sure of the name.  It is off the Bonneville Shoreline trail and is pretty in the Spring (might only run in the spring. .  Here is the link to that Waterfall also.


21. Donut Falls 

Big Cottonwood Canyon

  • 40 min East of SLC
  • 3 mile hike.  
  • 500 foot elevation gain.  
  • Suitable for kids 6 and older. 
  • Takes about 1.5-2 hours
  • Easy Hike - Probably level 1-2.
This is a busy trail, so catching it on an off time will make it more enjoyable.  Waterfall drops down into a cave, into a doughnut shape in the mountain.  It is definitely cool and unique, and it is nice that it is so close to SLC.  Click here to learn more and see this area in 360 Degrees. 
Link to Donut Falls 


22. Hidden Falls 

Big Cottonwood Canyon

  • 25 min East of SLC
  • 0.3 mile hike (Took me longer to cross the road then get to the Waterfall.)   
  • 42 foot elevation gain.  
  • Suitable for kids 6 and older. 
  • Takes about 15 minutes.
  • Easy Hike - Probably level 1
This hike took me longer to cross the busy road then actually get to the Waterfall.  It is not very far off the road.  You do need to cross the stream, which is the only thing that is a tricky at all.  If you pair this with a nice stroll up Mill B creek to the picnic area, it is a very nice short hike.  Check it out here in 360 degrees.
  Hidden Falls Link


23. Waterfall on Dry Creek Trail Between Granite Flats and Alpine - American Fork Canyon

  • 1 hour South East of SLC
  • 3 mile hike
  • 3000 foot elevation gain.  
  • Suitable for kids 12 and older. 
  • Takes about 3-4 hours.
  • Moderate to Hard Hike - Level 3
Nice mountain top hike to see wildflowers.  Trail is narrow and steep, but great workout.  If you go the full trail it is about 11 miles, but you could catch Horse Tail Falls on the way down.  


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