Silver Lake in 360 Degrees in American Fork Canyon, Utah

Silver Lake Hike in 360 Degrees

American Fork Canyon, Utah

Todd's amazing Sphere Image from his Drone.

This hike has been on my list for weeks now, so I was super excited to finally be heading up to Silver Lake.  For those not familiar with Silver Lake, it can be confusing.  You drive up American Fork Canyon, and then left at the fork to Tibble Fork Reservoir.  At the reservoir, you take a left and head up a pretty steep narrow dirt road.  It has washboard type bumps, but no big boulders.  There are often people up here that drove just a car, but the majority drive 4WD vehicles.  When you get to the top you are at a lake, and this lake is called Silver Lake FLAT reservoir.  It is also a super beautiful lake, but it is not this Silver Lake.  
Here is a like to the blog post I did on Silver Lake FLAT reservoir. 
At the north side of the lake there are bathrooms, and the trailhead is here.  

My husband and I were shocked with the beauty of this forest trail.  The trail is 2.2 miles each way making it 4.4 total.  The trail had so many different types of flowers, and the fragrance was amazing.  The first part of the trail, the dominate flower was tons of white and pink hardy geraniums. 

 The stream was not super wide, but it often had beautiful spots where the stream worked its way around massive boulders between walls of gorgeous flora.  

About a half mile up, you need to cross the stream, but you can see there is many options.  you can cross on the logs, or rocks, or just walk through the water.  

After we cross the stream, we were shocked by this wall of ferns.  Am I really in Utah, or am I in Oregon.  Not quite sure at this moment! 

 The hike has these huge cliffs you are climbing towards doing switchbacks to make the climb.  

The other flower that you will see often on the trail up is this bright blue Penstemon flower. 
Some look like a mouth with little teeth, but the color is astounding!  

As you keep getting closer to those cliffs you will luck upon a field of 
Yellow Arrowleaf Balsamroot Flowers. 
What a bright pick me up when you might be feeling just a little tired!

This Indian Paintbrush is a beautiful purple in color! Wow! And not just one, but a huge cluster of them. 

The lake is hidden behind those cliffs, for they are like a natural dam for the water.  As the water leaves the lake, it falls over the cliff making this gorgeous waterfall.   
Waterfall that Spills out from the lake above. 

Rare treat to find a wild Hollyhock up here since they often only bloom once every 2 years.  

This is the famous Jacob's-ladder flower, and I found fields of it along the trail. 
360 Google Earth Trail Around Silver Lake

At this point, by battery was running low, so I was hurrying a little fast around the lake, and I think it affected the 360 images.  

Once you get up to the Lake there are so many amazing places for great photos.  The mountain on the east is beautiful for its perfect triangular shape. 
There was big beautiful bouquets of Forget-Me-Not flowers still in bloom in both blue and the True variety in pure white.

Great spot where people were jumping from the rock into the water.

This rare beauty we only saw twice on the hike and we were looking.  It is so rare I have not had success having software help me identify it, and I have never seen this plant before.  It was super cool!  Amazing specimen! 

Notice how clear the water is.  You can see straight down in for quite a ways out.  Todd sat on the shore and just watched some Brookie fishes swimming around and he was so mad he didn't have his fishing pole! 

Some of the Columbine are Starting to bloom around the stream and around the Lake.  
A Yellow Sulphur Cinquefoil Flower
A Yellow Sulphur Cinquefoil Flower

There are so many wild roses and Sweet Pea flowers along the trail.  So stop and smell the roses, and don't rush to leave this beautiful area.  Just find a nice rock to sit on, enjoy a nice Cliff bar or Protein bar and just soak it all in! :)

The Cliffs on the South west corner of the lake.  

My walk around the lake. I am on the North side here. 
If you enjoyed this spot and would like to see more 360 images, click on the Silver Lake Google Earth like below
  Silver Lake Google Earth Link

Then click on the little dude on the bottom right corner to see trails here, then Click on any area of the Blue Lines to see more.  In the Picture above Silver Lake FLAT is bottom right, Silver Lake is in the middle, Silver Lake Glance is in the top left.   (I know confusing, and it doesn't help that there is another Silver Lake a few canyons over in Utah.)


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