Lost Creek Falls in 360 Degrees Provo Canyon

Lost Creek Falls Provo Canyon

Lost Creek Falls Provo Canyon in 360 Degrees

Lost Creek is a falls that has been undervalued often, for people give up before they find the REAL Lost Creek Falls, and there are many images online showing incorrect versions.  I think this happens too often with people too, do we give up on a friendship just because our first impression isn't fabulous, or because we aren't creative enough that we can't see a path to find anything more.  This falls takes some determination to find the Real Lost Creek Falls, for there are ledges to shimmy around, streams to cross that don't have great crossings so your shoes will most likely get wet, and lots of big rocks and obstacles that make the path windy in its route although it.  It is a hike that you have to watch yourself, for just like in life you have to make sure you are on the right path that really goes where you want it to go, and you have to watch your footing and make sure what you stand on has a solid foundation that it won't deceive you.    That being said, it also has huge wows that make it SO worth it.  The whole time you hike, you have Bridal Veil Falls behind you getting surprisingly smaller and smaller, but those views paired with Cascade Mountain are PHENOMENAL!  Also when you make it around that last big boulder the views of Lost Creek are such a great finish line accomplishment.  
Me in front of Lost Creek Falls June 2020
Me in front of Lost Creek Falls June 2020

Video on the Way up to Lost Creek Falls - June 2020

2D Video from 2018 - Year of the Avalanche

From close to the base of the trail we are heading to the V shape close to the top of this photo.

Top part of Lost Creek Falls Provo
Top part of Lost Creek Falls Provo 


Bottom Section of Lost Falls in Provo Canyon
Bottom Section of Lost Falls in Provo Canyon

360 Street View Trail up the Avalanche in Spring 2018 to Lost Creek Falls


This canyon whether your braving snow, or not I think Hiking Sticks are so helpful.  It helps cross the river, and helps to keep you stable on steep climbs.  In the year 2018, it was a beautiful Spring day where we didn't think we would need Spikes (Crampons) on our shoes, BUT WE WERE SO GRATEFUL THAT WE HAD THEM.  They were life savers!

This is a few hikes in a row that I am finding hearts in nature on my trail.  
Makes me smile....Must be God sending you some LOVE! 

Heart Shaped Rock Found on Lost Creek Trail
Heart Shaped Rock Found on Lost Creek Trail

This Dripping Fall next to Lost Creek Fall is helping this wall pop green with moss and grass.
This Dripping Fall next to Lost Creek Fall is helping this wall pop green with moss and grass. 

Snow Arch in the Remnants of the Avalanche up to Lost Creek Falls
Snow Arch in the Remnants of the Avalanche up to Lost Creek Falls


Most of the trail is similar to this above photo... hiking up the Remnants of the Avalanche.  It is just important to stay close to the sides for the river is hiding underneath and you don't often know where.  It was very solid when we hiked up, but be careful.  Breakthroughs can happen or a block of the river can make a dam underneath and make things start to slide.  Just keep your eyes and ears open.  It was shocking to see the destruction caused by this avalanche, and the crazy changes.  We often forget that life can also be fragile and change on a dime.  It is important to make everyday count as it could be the last, be prepared for disasters, yet not live in fear.  We could go on and on about these, but in the end what is most important is ARE YOU PROUD OF YOUR LIFE AND ABLE TO STAND IN FRONT OF YOUR CREATOR AND KNOW YOU LOVED OTHERS THE BEST YOU COULD.   If not, make that your daily goal.
Tunnel under the Avalanche for the River to flow down from Lost Creek Falls
Tunnel under the Avalanche for the River to flow down from Lost Creek Falls


Rotate the below image 360 Degrees to see the Waterfall


This hike is in Provo Canyon Utah. I have the Pin for where I park below.   You need to be heading WEST in Provo Canyon.  There is a small parking lot on the right side across from Bridal Veil Falls.  From there you walk west through the gate and look for a road heading north.  I believe this road heads down to Nuns park and you can also hike this from there.  After just a short distance on this North trail it splits.  The right side goes to views of Bridal Veil Falls, You want to go  (Northward) straight UP the mountain. It is not too steep that it feels like it needs switchbacks, just steep enough that you need a good amount of water, and might need to take a few breaks.
  • Trail is 2.8 miles and has an elevations gain of just over 1000 feet.  
  • I park just across the road from Bridal Veil Falls.  Here is my Pin of where I park.                     Where I park to hike Lost Creek Falls
  • Trail starts on an ATV trail and then you gets smaller and goes from one side of the stream to the other.  If you are on something too hard, you are probably on the wrong trail.
  • You are pretty much heading up this stream to find the waterfalls.  There are always trails on the sides of the river.  Sometimes the easier route might me just stream walking up the stream if you have hiking sticks to help with the mossy rocks.  Other times it is definitely easier to be on the trail.  
  • Hiking sticks are super helpful on this trail. You need to make sure that every rock you step on is stable, and sticks help with any unfortunate step.  The trail can also be sometimes steep on the way up or down and it helps keep you from slipping.  
  • I find that on the way up, I am distracted by all the beauty that I loose the trail sometimes, so on the way up, I would say this has a hard element of keeping track of the trail (although it is just a basic walk along the stream so you are never really lost, just maybe not on the easiest path.).  However, on the way down, I have never had any problem keeping track of the trail.  Maybe because I am not distracted, or maybe because it really is not all the difficult.  I don't know. 
  • After you pass 2 places where there is dripping rock along the cliff, the trail gets trick and it climbs up on the left.  This is because the falls are hidden around the backside of this cliff and you have to get around it.  Just take it slow, watch the trail, and you will see the falls as soon as you make it around this cliff. 
  • All Trails says this is heavily trafficked, but I don't think so.  The path is not that well traveled, and some bushwhacking has to be done at times along the trail.  Each time I have gone I have only seen 3 other people on the trail.  

Cliff Wall with a Drips coming down.


Lost Creek Falls - Provo Canyon Utah
Lost Creek Falls - Provo Canyon Utah

360 Google Earth Trail Heading Down from Hike.  Views of Bridal Veil Falls Across the Way.  

This section of the trail looks super easy, but it is actually pretty steep.  Which means on the way up, it is a straight up climb for a ways. 


Bridal Veil from Lost Creek Falls Trail Provo
Bridal Veil from Lost Creek Falls Trail Provo

Bridal Veil Falls From Lost Creek Falls Trail
Bridal Veil Falls From Lost Creek Falls Trail


This Lost Creek Falls Trail has 2 sections.  The lower Section I did a few weeks ago that has amazing views of Bridal Veil Falls.  The upper section heads up to Lost Creek Falls.  If you area curious about the Bridal Veil Falls Upper View Trail, here is a link to that post.  
Link to Lower Lost Creek Trail to Viewpoints of Bridal Veil

If you liked this hike, and would like to see more of this area in 360 degrees, just click on the Google Earth Link, then the little dude in the bottom corner, then any blue dot or line to see more.

Lost Creek Falls Google Earth Link



Bell Canyon Waterfall
This hike is great in any season. Cool waterfall, Gorgeous Cliff views, Pretty Bridges over streams.  Lovely Hike.

Grove Creek Waterfalls


Battle Creek Falls


Cascade Mountain - Pole Canyon Trail


Lost Creek Falls - Provo
Lost Creek Falls - Provo


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