Red Canyon by Flaming Gorge

Flaming Gorge's Red Canyon
Flaming Gorge's Red Canyon

Flaming Gorge's Red Canyon Utah

So the crazy thing about Red Canyon is that there are at least 2 Red Canyons in Utah, plus a Red Ledges, so it is often confusing which one?  The problem also is that they are both about 3.5 hours away from SLC, but they are bothe totally different directions. One is East of SLC, and the other is South of SLC, and if you put Red Canyon in your Google Maps, it will send you to the one South, and not this one.  You have to do Red Canyon Flaming Gorge to make sure you get this guy.  
This area has abundant campgrounds around to make this spot great for a weekend.  It also has a few cute little lakes to fish or walk around.  There are also a herd of male Big Horn Sheep and a herd of Female Big Horn Sheep that are quite used to people that often hang out near the road that you can just hang out and watch for hours that are beautiful.  I would watch your children very carefully if you go here, for there are plenty of clifffs and rocks on the edge that you think are safe, but are just moments away from cracking off from the cliff, so be careful. 
We only did 3 lookout spots here before we got pelted with a hail storm, but there are also other trails around here that would be fun to explore more of.  

360 Video at Red Canyon - Make sure you rotate it around so you can see everything.  Also pay attention to the cool buttons in the bottom right corner that let you change this from 360 to Tiny Planet to circular.   

Information about Red Canyon:

  • This area is not one long trail.  It has a parking lot in the center, and then lots of short trails out to viewpoints, which is so fun.  
  • Watch your kids because of the steep cliffs and ledges.  There are many rocks you step on, that when you look around you realize it is just a section of the ledge that is just waiting to break off.  Be smart where you step. 
  • Watch for the local herds of Big Horn Sheep.  They are not afraid of people, so you can have the luxury of pulling over and watching them for hours.  
  • This place has 2 or 3 little lakes you can sit at, fish at, walk around them.  They are delightful pieces of heaven.  Don't drive all the way here and at least enjoy a snack on the lake edge. 

Hubby at Red Canyon!  So Love this Wonderful Man! Hubby at Red Canyon!  So Love this Wonderful Man!

Hubby at Red Canyon!  So Love this Wonderful Man!

Another Video at Red Canyon

Cliffs on the Side of Red Canyon
Cliffs on the Side of Red Canyon

Here is a 2D link for the above Red Canyon video if you like that better.

Flaming Gorges Red Canyon
Flaming Gorges Red Canyon

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Hiking Heals the soul so get out and do some hiking today!  

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