Island In The Sky Grand View Point Canyonlands, Utah in 360 Degrees

Island In The Sky Grand View Point Canyonlands, Utah in 360 Degrees 

I am so used to hiking up mountains and seeing grandeur by looking high above me, that this hike is fabulously different.  You are walking up on the a bluff super high in the air, and looking down on this incredible shape that looks like an enormous footprint from a creature only your nightmares could possibly create.  As you walk along the edge of this crazy high shear cliff, birds fly below you, and it is a little dizzying just how high you are.  It is so perfectly named as an Island in the Sky, for that truly is what it feels like.  There are multiple times through the hike that you can cross over from one side of this bluff to the other to see both sides of this "Island in the Sky" .  I loved this hike, and thought is was a perfect weekend adventure.  So sad I have never see this before, but super glad I got to it.  The nice thing about this hike, is that it is not that hard.  It is pretty flat, and only a mile in and a mile out, so I saw many older people tackling this hike and loving it.  

I had a new 360 Camera, and was able to take both Video and do a 360 Stitch for Google Earth/Maps.  I did not realize that google Street View had already been here, but they kept my trail anyway.  I am the trail closer to the edge. 

This blue line is actually 2 lines.  Official Streetview did one trail, and I did the second trail on the right by the edge of the cliff.  To see any section of the trail, click on this link,
then click on the little dude in the bottom corner, then click on any section of the hike you would like to view.  This was a fabulous hike.  My favorite part was walking along the cliff edge and looking down to see a bird flying BELOW me.  I really felt like I was on an island way up in the sky. 

The first part of the hike, is a little more red, and has a few fun cliff like boulders that you walk between those and the cliff edge.  

I have a thing for awesome Cairns, and this area has some fun ones.

Above is a 360 Video of me on this hike. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO REALLY SEE THIS IN 360 DEGREES. 
  Make Sure you ROTATE IT AROUND to see the Cool Area I am Going.

After you have hiked about 1/4 a mile, the rocks turn a bit lighter and more orange as you walk out to the edge of this finger like bluff.  

360 Google Trail at Island In The Sky

These pictures I am over on the opposite side of the bluff as the ones above.  It was fabulous to look out and see this upside down type funnel out in the distance.

If you are thinking about heading here, here is the National Park Service Link for Island In the Sky in Canyonlands

Cool Square Cairns on Trail
Cool Square Cairns on Trail

Neat Cliffs on the Opposite Side of the Island In The Sky

You can't tell how high you are in the air from these pictures, but lets just say that even Todd with the crazy amount of adventures he has done got a little dizzy at times by the edge.

360 Street View Trail at Grand View Point Trail Island In The Sky.  Check Out The Vista View!

I like this cliff picture on below with Todd, for it gives you a little sense for the height of the cliff compared to Todd, and that is just the cliff wall, it then does down double that height but is more of a slope

Below is a mound hill like structure that is at the very end of the finger like bluff.  A fun small climbing challenge at the end, and an amazing view out to the south.

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