Medieval Locronan in 360 Degrees France


Medieval  Locronan in 360 Degrees, France

On our Tour of France, one of our treasured finds, was the quaint medieval town of Locronan, France.  The towns beauty and wealth came from the local weavers and merchants who supplied fine sails not just to the French navy, but also the English and Spanish clients. The town also has a wonderful stroll to a nearby summit for amazing dramatic views of the Bay.  It also has a very interesting story that a missionary in the medieval era named Ronan was spreading the Christian word in nearby Brittany.  He decided to retire to Locronan, but an enraged woman most likely over her husbands new-found religion falsely accused Ronan of devouring her daughter.  He was imprisoned, but good sense prevailed and Ronan found the girl suffocated in a chest.  He revived her.  The dukes of Brittany loved this story so, that they donated generously for the building of the amazing Gothic church in the center of Locranon.  That is the man whose statue is on the wall of the church building. 

Video of Cathedral and Main Square.

The Church donated by the duke or Brittany after hearing the story of Ronan being falsely accused and his efforts spreading the Christian Word.
Below is an Arial 360 done by Todd.

The Church has an amazing graveyard behind that you could wander in for hours checking out the awesome old gravestones.  Click on the above; 

   The town is known to get flooded by tourists during the day, but we arrived in the evening planning to stay the night in a quaint hotel in the center of the town.  It was a peaceful gorgeous stroll through the quiet town for us.  We did miss the cute shops being open to sell their wares to us, but we struggled with that in many of the quaint small towns, for they shops often close at 5, and open 10-11, so we often missed this wonderful time in the towns driving from location to location. It will definitely be something I try and factoring in on my next France trip, for it is a juggling act to be at a town early for the small hotels, yet drive to see so many places, and also factor in restaurants that mostly serve dinner after 7.  It is a Rhythm of Life that takes some getting used to for us silly Americans that are not used to this rhythm. Locronan is one of the most important stops for those on pilgrimage, and a favorite thing to do here is not only wander down the small side streets to see what treasures you will find, but also taking a stroll down the many footpaths out of town to interesting destinations.  It has a beautiful graveyard behind the Cathedral that is amazing.  

Pictures wandering the streets of this gorgeous town.

This 360 is outside a really nice French restaurant across the street from the hotel we stayed at below. 

The Adorable Hotel we stayed at.  It had these cute loft room upstairs from us for our girls to sleep in.  They loved having their own space in the cute attic.  Our room is the center one with the window open, and the girls room in the one above that room with the light on.  Below is view outside my window. 
Le Prieure Hotel where we stayed in Locranon
Le Prieure Hotel where we stayed in Locranon

Our View out our Window.  Middle Window above

This was my find in the morning.  A cute Patisserie with the locals coming in to grab their breakfast.

I quickly gained a fascination with doorways in France.  Each is unique and has a flavor all its own.  

Sunset in Locranon
Locranon was such a wonderful place to visit.  It was beautiful, had such a fun history surrounding the town, and was a timeless treasure.  

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This really was an amazing Tour of France. I loved our focus of exploring a quaint town near each different country border so we felt like we experienced multiple countries yet never left France and didn't drive as far.  It was brilliant.   If you want to see all the places we traveled, just use the search magnifying glass at the top right and type in France to see more of this fun vacation.