Chateau de Angers France in 360 Degrees


Angers France in 360 Degrees

As I look back on our Tour of France, my favorite places we visited was the medieval cities.  Chateau Angers was built in 1230 around a Castle that was founded by the Counts of Anjou around 718 AD.  The towers that piece together this wide wall are 130-190 feet tall and the walking path on top is at least 10 feet wide.  The towers have the french spiral staircase to get to the top and all have slots to shoot arrows out of.  It is on the Maine River not far from the Loire River and was a powerful ancient city.   They say this town used to have many beautiful names, but someone simplified them to Angers and it was what stuck (which did not please the towns people at all.  Caesar called it 'Andecavi' which is believe to mean 'great heroes' or 'giants'.  Probably the most impressive trait of Chateau Angers is that the castle has never been taken by an invading force in all of history. That is amazing!  

Above is the grand entrance to the Chateau.  Notice the chains to lift the bridge and close the entrance.

Here is the old moot, but most of the history of the Chateau it was used as a garden to grow food and flowers.

Entrance into the Chateau de Angers

As you pass through the gate, here is the view as you look back.

Below: The old chapel that has been honored as an enshrined relic of the Passion.

I am going to head to the last door on the left, for it is open..  Below is a view inside the tower.  You can see the windows they shot arrows out of, the spiral staircase to climb up, and the black slate they used to construct the tower.

Below is a 360 degree view of the Chapel from up on the wall at Angers.

Below I am walking along the wall and enjoying the view of the city around the wall.

View of the City out over the Wall.
The 360 image below I love for it shows the length of the wall with all the semi circle sections, the city outside on one side, and the gardens below on the inside.

View of City and Garden from the next corner of the Wall with the flower beds below.

Below is a ramp coming down from the wall.

One of the most delightful things about Angers is all the Gardens.  There are gardens everywhere, and in the olden days they were able to produce quite a bit of food inside thus keeping themselves feed when surrounded by armies.

As you pass thorugh this gate, you can see the old Castle in the Distance, but what is even more breathtaking is the flower bed along this wall after you pass through.

Above I am heading towards the adorable Castle that is at the end of this lane.  It is small, the all the turrets make it adorable!

The Old Beautiful Castle

I was so glad we put Chateau Angers as one of our Tour of France destinations.  I loved the medieval characteristics.  I loved the gorgeous gardens that were backdrops to the beautiful architecture all around.  It was definitely a 10 out of 10 for me.  Angers also had art gorgeous art museums, more beautiful gardens, some gorgeous churches, and my daughter found amazing deals on such fun clothes here. We all came away from Angers with a bounty of cool memories.

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