Medieval Perouges France in 360 Degrees

Perouges, France

Medieval Perouges France 
in 360 Degrees

Perouges, France was such a wonderful find to add to our Tour of France.  It was a Medieval City with all the cute cobblestone roads, amazing doors, and cool architecture.  It was a delightful step into the past.  There was not tons of tourists making it feel crazy.  It was just a quiet beautiful town where each cute tiny side road lead to picturesque spots and more amazing discoveries.  The town was small enough and safe enough that we all split up to find our own amazing treasures.  I was fascinated with taking each small road and seeing all the little fun things each one had to offer.  It is such a beautiful timeless town that has been so well preserved.  Todd found a steam punk store with so many awesome creations.  He bought one of the most amazing gear watch creation that came with a gorgeous leather case to go with his steam punk outfit.  The girls found fun cute things in the small shops around town.

Perouges, France Main Square

Founderie of Art Awesome Door in Perouges, France

 Here is a fun article also on Perouges France 

Perouges France

  Here is the Perouges website.  There is many events they sponsor throughout the year.  On April 6, 2019 they are doing a Venetian Parade, and on June 14-15 they are doing a Medieval Festival.   Now those would both be amazing here! 

Perouges France

Perouges France

Perouges France with Church behind

Perouges France

Red Doors and Flowers on Street into Perouges France
If you like Videos better, here is a nice video of the town. 


Todd was the winner at finding the coolest thing in Perouges.  He found this awesome Steam punk Store, and the creations were phenomenal!
Steam Punk Store in Perouges France

Steam Punk Store in Perouges France

Steam Punk Store Perouges France
Such cool Steam Punk Jewelry!

Steam Punk Gear Watch Todd bought and it comes in this awesome leather pouch. 


 Courtyard of the Church, and the Church below.
Perouges France Church

 Inside Church House

 A boy below is being taught how to light a candle and say a prayer.

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Here is a Google Map List of some of my favorite quaint towns we visited on our Tour of France if that is helpful. 
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