360 Degree Carcassonne...So much more than one would expect.

360 Degree Carcassonne...>

So much more than one would expect.

So I already had super high expectations for Carcassonne, France so I was a little worried this amazing place might not deliver.  I am happy to say that it delivered way belong my expectations.  We approached the city wall at sunset, and it was so fun to see the city with a beautiful sunset in the background.  I am walking around the wall, and we find a small doorway up onto the wall.  I am like...THIS IS TOTALLY COOL getting in and walking on the wall.   Now Carcassonne is the largest medieval city in all of Europe.  It is surrounded by those large rampart walls you can walk on.  It is right between the Mediterranean Sea and the center of the Pyrenees.  Its strategic importance was quickly recognized by the Romans, but in the fifth century it was taken over by the Visigoths.  

Then I find another quiet doorway as I am walking on the wall and we are inside the old city.  I am so thrilled that we are actually inside this old place and able to wander and discover, then we turn a corner and my jaw drops, for this city is not old ruins, it is an alive and happen-en place.  There are people hanging outside their French restaurants visiting. There are such fun shops open. As we keep wandering (and have wandered for about a half hour)  in this large city, we get to a courtyard where there are people sitting all around and music is playing.  As we check around we find out that this city being built partly by Romans of course has a stage/ Arena area.  They have a modern concert going on inside and it is packed!   I guess we came in the back side of the city, but that made it magical for I went from thinking I was wandering ruins, to being able to experience what the city ust have been like back in the day.  DELIGHTFUL!
Carcasonne City wall at night
City wall at night 

 360 Degree Google Earth Trail to  walk around city wall below.

View of City Outside the City Wall at Sunset

Carcasonne City Wall at Sunset
Carcasonne City Wall at Sunset

Platform inside both the Outside and Inside walls up high enough for Archers to shoot from.
Platform inside both the Outside and Inside walls up high enough for Archers to shoot from.

Walking on the City Wall, then discovering a doorway inside.

Below is where I found an Entrance onto the City Wall

360 Sphere Up on the City Wall in Carcasonne France

Video of Over the Wall at the Sunset with Church Bells going off in the distance.

First Door into the City

If you 

Stairs to a door.  Do I dare explore?  Do I not dare explore....I want to see what is inside!

If you rotate the above image, or look at the image below, you can notice some yellow paint on the wall.  I guess someone talked Carcassonne into letting them paint this above symbols on the city summer of 2018.  It was very controversial if they should have allowed people to do that to a medieval city.  Here is the article on it.

Link about Controversy about Painting Yellow Circles on Carcassonne.

360 Google Street View Trail at Entrance to the City of Carcasonne, France

Arches on City Wall
Arches on City Wall

More Cool Arches up on the City Wall
More Cool Arches up on the City Wall

We were shocked to find a happening city inside the medieval walls we were just exploring.  Look at all those people and the city lights ahead!

Cute Shop Sign for a Galerie
Cute Shop Sign for a Galerie
Cute Shops and Restaurants inside the City
Cute Shops and Restaurants inside the City 

Street with Shops in Carcassonne France

The city became magical walking through in the evening.

Video of Beautiful Chapel and the Concert Arena entrance. 

Video of Concert Going on in the City

Carcassonne, France was more than I ever could have hoped for.  It was just delightful to explore interesting entrances, and doorways and just follow curiosity to see what was just beyond that door or up those small stairs.  My whole family came away delighted with the pure joy this city let us enjoy.  I must see on any trip to France.  LOVED IT....Definitely put it on your wish list!

If you liked this area and want to see more, click on the Carcassonne Google Earth Link, Then click on the little dude in the corner, and then any blue line or dot where you want to see more. 

Here is a Google Map List of some of my favorite quaint towns we visited on our Tour of France if that is helpful. 
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