Nimes, France - The French Roman City in 360 Degrees

Nimes, France - A Roman City

Nimes, France - 

The French Roman City in 360 Degrees

During our Tour of France, I was lucky to find 2 delightful towns in France what were at taste of Italy.  First was Annecy 
the second was the charming town of Nimes that is a cute little mini Rome in France.  The Coluseum is in great shape was built in 70 ad.  The Areana in Nimes is still in use today and hosts 2 annual bullfights during the Feria de Nimes and other public events.  We just hit the big Roman highlights here, but this area is rich in other Roman structures, and city walls from the time of Christ. You could spend a few days in this area exploring all the cool art museums and things this town has to offer.

Nimes, France - A Roman City
Taking the short walk from our apartment to the Arena.


Nimes, France Colosseum  - A Roman City

**If the 360 Degree Images are not Coming in, click on  the BLUE View on Google Maps button. They work great there. ***

Nimes, France City Clock Tower - A Roman City

This is the town clock that is across from the Arena.  

Church  Eglise Sainte Perpetue

Nimes, France Eglise Saint Perpetue  Cathedral
360 Degree view inside church

Nimes, France Eglise Saint Perpetue  Cathedral
Beautiful stained Glass Windows, Organ Pipes and Mary Statue

Nimes, France Fontaine Pradier

Above is the famous Fountain Fontaine Pradier that is situated between the Arena and the Roman Temple.

Nimes, France Maison Carree

The Maison Carree

The Maison Caree is the best preserved ancient Roman Temple.  It is so amazing that this can date back to the time of Christ and look so amazing. 

Here is a visitors Guide to Nimes France

and The Crazy Toursits 15 best things to do in Nimes. 

City Building below also uses the Roman theme. 

Here is a Google Map List of some of my favorite quaint towns we visited on our Tour of France if that is helpful. 

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One of my favorite things was the surprise with just how magical the apartment we rented was.  It was so much better than I expected.  What an adorable place, and the owner was so sweet.  I would go back and stay here again in a heartbeat.   
Our bedroom below..
 had a cute room for the girls, and a comfortable living room area to hang out in.  What a deal!
Living Room below.

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