360 Degree Adventure to Annecy France...otherwise known as Little Venice

360 Degree Adventure to Annecy France...

Otherwise known as Little Venice

I decided this follows the rule I have for all things with a touch of Italian.  The lower your expectations, the more thrilled you are with the area.  The higher your expectations the more it is a little disappointing with it not quite getting to the high bar you place.  This adorable town followed Colmar (See link here. https://shaunasadventures.blogspot.com/2018/08/360-degree-adventure-in-adorable-colmar.html ), and while it had its own wonderful beauty, Colmar will always be a hard act to follow.  While Colmar was untouched by the war, you could tell Annecy was not so lucky.  You have a mixture of old and new in this area, and while the new try hard to imitate the old, you can tell there is not that consistency and it feels more modern.  Annecy is also more well know for its beauty and it rightfully so draws in the crowds.  The most picturesque spot in Annecy is of course next to the canal.  We arrived at the Canal right at sunset and the colors were beautiful.  

If you rotate the image below you can see the famous Palace I'lle in the background and the fliying paper fish things.

This picture below is the famous Palace I'lle.

Below in the view of the back side of the Palace I'lle.
Below is anther spot on the canal with the even lights making it fell magical.  

I enjoyed  this town, but I thought it was more beautiful at night.

Evening is always a happening time in France.  One thing that I discovered quickly is dinner time for most Parisians is after 7.  They love to hang out on the side of the road in the nice evening breeze and enjoy the company of others, so even the cute little towns come to life after 7.

Below is a 360 degree walk through the town.    **If the 360 degree image is not coming in for you, CLICK ON THE BLUE View on Google Maps button. They work better there. ***

Walking around this beautiful town heading to a birthday dinner for Todd!

Hanging out at the Restaurant for Birthday Dinner for Todd!

This building is definitely not the style of Annecy, but I loved it nevertheless.

So our trip to France, my goal was to find a cute quaint town close to each of the borders to have a taste of multiple countries without ever leaving France. We started with Colmar being a German type town.  Annecy is just South of Switzerland close to the Italy border, so this was our taste of Italy.  I felt like it represented Italy pretty good.  I think my expectations for this cute town were way too high, so it struggled to meet my super high  expectations.  The same thing happened for me with a few towns in Italy, but the towns I had no expectations like Verona, Lake Como, or Cinque Terre were some of my most favorites in all of Italy.   If you are wishing for more views of this quaint town you can enjoy more of it by clicking on the following link, clicking on the cute little dude in the bottom corner and then clicking on any blue area you wish to see more of. 

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