Cutler Reservoir Kayaking and Fishing

Cutler Reservoir Cache County
Cutler Reservoir

Culter Reservoir Kayaking and Fishing

Information for Cutler Reservoir:

  • Cutler Reservoir is 1.5 hours North of SLC and 20 min west of Logan, Utah
  • Cutler Reservoir has a Remote Control airfield very close that if you enjoy watching people fly some fun remote Control Airplanes, this is a gorgeous spot to hang out for a few hours. 
  • Stay clear of the bridge on the North side, for the closer you get to the bridge, the stronger the current gets.  
  • There is a cute colorful barn across from the boat ramp that is delightful to paddle to.
  • There are restrooms at the boat ramp parking lot.
  • The reflections in the lake, and the beautiful mountains surrounding the lake made this lake have gorgeous views. 
  • I didn't notice a smell while kayaking, but my hubby complained when we were off the lake of how smelly the lake water made our clothes.  

360 Video Kayaking and Fishing at Cutler Reservoir

 Below is a 360 video so make sure you move it around so you can see the cute barn and the pretty mountains, and look down so you can laugh at me paddling!

Below is a 2D version of the above video if you prefer that.

This feels like a cute tiny lake from the docks with such a cute colorful barn across the lake.  The lake in the morning was so smooth that the reflections in the water of the surrounding mountains was beautiful.  No luck catching any fish here for me, but I enjoyed kayaking around.  You do need to be aware that this is really a very slow.moving section of the river, so it feels real safe unless you are not paying attention and your kayak has slowing been drifting towards the bridge on the Northwest side of the lake where the current all of a sudden gets much more intense. You don't want to go under this bridge or it will be rough paddling back.

Cute Colorful Barn across from Boat Launch at Cutler Reservoir
Cute Colorful Barn across from Boat Launch at Cutler Reservoir

Here is another Kayaking video at Cutler Reservoir.  The cute man in the other kayak is my sweet hubby.  Love that man!

This was such a beautiful place during sunrise.  I am hitting myself for not grabbing a picture when the sun was rising, for it was beautiful.  It reminded me of the beauty of Mirror Lake first thing in the morning.  It was gorgeous. If you want to see Kayaking at beautiful Mirror lake, here is the link to that.
Mirror Lake Kamas Utah
Mirror Lake Kayaking 

Me Kayaking at Cutler Reservoir
Me Kayaking at Cutler Reservoir

Hubby Kayaking on Provo River
Hubby Kayaking on Provo River
Link to post on Kayaking on Provo River

Toes in Kayak at Cutler Reservoir Utah
Toes in Kayak at Cutler Reservoir Utah

Hiking Heals the soul so get out and do some hiking today!  

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