Mirror Lake - Kamas Utah Hiking and Kayaking in 360 Degrees

Mirror Lake, Utah

Kayaking and Hiking  at Mirror Lake, Utah in 360 Degrees

  • 1.5 hours East of SLC
  • Trail around lake is about 1 mile
  • Easy Beautiful Stroll, Level 1
  • Lake is great for Kayaking, walking around, and fishing.
  • Can have lots of mosquitoes
  • Hike to Bald Mountain is really enjoyable hike here to see from about the dozens of lakes that are in this area.
One of Todd & my favorite places to camp is Mirror Lake, Utah.  For me, it is  nostalgic for it was my deceased fathers favorite fishing lake and it brings fun memories of him while I am here.  It saddens me a little being here, for I remember this lake with the mountain below bald mountain as lush and green as a teenager.  A few years ago a Japanese Beetle was bought in and it has really taken a tole on this whole area.  This lake however still has its charm.  Bald Mountain looming in the background, and the Hayden Peak on the East lights up beautifully at sunset. I woke up to a beautiful view of Bald Mountain each morning, and one day I decided I am going to the top of that mountain today.  Here is the blog post of my hike to the top of Bald Mountain.

To get to Mirror lake, you go to Kamas, and head East.  I would highly recommend making sure you download google map of the area before heading in and have yourself an external GPS unit connected to your phone.  Here are 3 great external GPS units that would give you confidence when you head into the back country.  If you also hate being out of contact with loved ones for multiple days, the 4 Garmin In Reach Explorer is a great assess to be able to send two way text messages when you are out of cell range through GPS.  It is very cool and handy to have.

Mirror Lake, Utah

When we got here, the first thing we did was jump in our Kayaks and paddle around the beautiful lake.

Throw your VR google on and take a ride around the lake.  Click on View on Google Maps, and check it out through your cardboard googles.

Kayaking the perimeter of Mirror Lake.

The shore line is beautiful all around the lake.  The clear water, the beautiful rocks and ever green, and flowers are just very relaxing and wonderful.

Mirror Lake, Utah
***If you are having a hard time viewing 360 Images, click on the BLUE View on Google Maps button.** 

Video Kayaking around the Lake 

(Just click on it for the video to come up.)

Mirror Lake, Utah

360 Google Earth Trail Kayaking Mirror Lake

Around Sunset, I took a stroll around the lake to the North, West, and the South side.  The sunset made the Hayden Mountain range gorgeous.


View of Hayden Peak at sunset by Mirror Lake, Utah
View of Hayden Peak at sunset by Mirror Lake, Utah

Mirror Lake, Utah
There were such a fun variety of Purple, yellow and red flowers all around the lake. 

Mirror Lake, Utah
The more you look at these White Lousewort flowers, the more intriguing they are.  They are so cool how the petal spirals.

Look around to the east and see Hayden peak all lite up bright.

Video of a cute little bubbling brook. - Just click on it for it to come up.


Awesome Flowers I enjoyed while walking around Mirror Lake

360 Trail Around South Side of Mirror Lake


Videos of Todd working on figuring out Fly Fishing.  He fly fished from shore, in the water with waiters, and from his Kayak and had a wonderful time.  He caught 3 pretty fish (2 rainbows and a brookie), and had a fabulous time.  

Mirror Lake with Bald Mountain in Background and Yellow Flowers

Yellow Arrowleaf Balsamroot, and Bell Flower below are found all around the lake.

If you would like to see more of this area, click on the Google Earth link below
Mirror Lake Google Earth Link
Then click on the little dude in the bottom and any area you want to see more.
If you enjoyed this area, I think you will LOVE



Hiking Bald Mountain was not super hard, but a rush of adrenaline being on such edges of the mountain side and awesome uniqueness in cool rocks formations that I have yet to see the like. 

Link to Amazing Bald Mountain Trail 

 Upper Provo river was nice to explore more than just the first few waterfalls, and was a pretty hike the whole mile down river. 

 Link to Upper Provo River Falls .  

Get out and enjoy the beauties around us!  Happy Hiking!